Why Micropigmentation Is One Of The Best Options For Treating Hair Loss

The Problem With Hair Loss

Balding and thinning hair is an issue that millions of American’s experience. Hair loss can decrease self esteem, and limit self confidence; however, the good news is that this issue can be rectified by a visiting a hair loss specialist. While there are two main methods of hair transplant surgery, another option exists for those who want to add the appearance of thickness, or create a freshly shaven look.


Hair loss specialists who’ve undergone scalp micropigmentation training are able to create a variety of unique and natural looking results. The process works by injecting ink into the thinning or bald areas of the scalp. The ink is specifically matched to be slightly darker than your natural hair, which gives a deeper, three dimensional appearance. This gives thinning regions the illusion of fullness, while fully bald heads can achieve the appearance of a fresh shave. Since the process requires precision and special scalp micropigmentation training, it is imperative to seek out specialists who have specific experience with this procedure.

Micropigmentation is similar to tattooing, though it does differ in a few key ways. The process of injecting the ink into the scalp is much less painful, and utilizes specially made tools to ensure the most seamless results. Some scalp micropigmentation training specializes in using a computer controlled injection system, which is capable of creating a smooth hairline without mishap.

The Process

Typically, micropigmentation can be completed with 2 or 3 procedures. Here is what you can expect:

  • Consultation. The consultation allows you to sit down with your specialist and go over the options and what result you wish to see. If you’re unable to make it to the office for a face to face consult, video chat options may also be available. Once a treatment plan has been created the first appointment will be scheduled.
  • The First Session. This step lays the foundation for the final result, and as such you shouldn’t be discouraged with the initial result. This appointment sets up a solid first layer to build upon during the next visit. While your scalp will appear a bit red after this visit, after a day that will subside.
  • The Second Visit. This is where the results fully begin to take shape. During this visit more detail will be added, and the darker shades will be applied. After this appointment you will be able to truly see the finished product; though if darker results are desired, a third treatment can be undergone; however, most treatments only require these two visits.

An Option To Consider

Micropigmentation is an option to consider if you want to achieve a fuller look to thinning hair, or the illusion of a freshly shaved head. This process can create a soft natural hairline appearance, with results that are immediately evident. Unlike traditional hair transplants that can take months to bear fruit, this option offers instant results. If you are struggling with thinning or balding hair, consider taking advantage of this option. It can not only give you a look that you’ll love, but it can boost your self esteem, and give you an appearance to be proud of.

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