The Benefits Of Hemp Oil Products

Hemp oil is growing in popularity as more and more benefits come to light. While not all claimed benefits have been proven by research, there are a couple notable ones that have medical backing.

For instance, certain data provides evidence that hemp oil wellness products may offer relief to inflammation and skin conditions due to the high omega 3 and omega 6 content. These fatty acids, which we usually get from foods or dietary supplements, are essential to maintaining many bodily systems. Hemp oil products typically contain around 75 percent omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which is considered by most to be an optimal ratio for nutrition.

Additionally, hemp wellness products is also an excellent source of gamma linolenic acid, which is another type of omega 6 acids.

Hemp Oil Wellness For Inflammation

A study performed in 2011 suggests that the addition of these omega fatty acids can help reduce overall inflammation. If left uncontrolled inflammation can lead to detrimental diseases such as various types of cancer or heart disease. The addition of hemp oil wellness products can help reduce these risks, while reducing the inflammation that can cause them.

Hemp Oil Wellness For Skin Disorders

Another study found that hemp oil can potentially act as an acne treatment for those who are unable to find relief with other over the counter products.

Even more research has found that hemp oil wellness products can even help improve eczema symptoms, and when used as a nutritional supplement and combined with UVB phototherapy, or vitamin D ointments, it can help treat psoriasis.

Additionally, research has shown promising conclusions when it comes to strengthening skin and making it more resistant to bacterial, fungal, and viral infections overall.

Hemp Wellness And PMS

In another study, research has found that hemp oil can help improve both the physical and emotional symptoms of PMS. In the study women who took only 1 gram reported a notable decrease in their overall symptoms.

Additionally, it can also benefit those going through menopause. Because of the higher levels of fatty acids, combined with the higher levels of gamma linoleic acid, it can help protect the body from complications and ease symptoms.

Antibacterial Properties

Hemp oil also has great antibacterial properties and is capable of inhibiting many forms of bacteria including staphylococcus aureus. This bacteria is capable of causing dangerous infections in the skin, heart, and bones, and can even cause pneumonia.

What Is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil is made by cold pressing the seeds of hemp plants, and as such does not contain any THC (the compound responsible for the ‘high’ you get from smoking marijuana).

The oil that is produced can be taken orally, or administered topically to skin. Along with the fatty acids mentioned above, hemp oil also contains numerous minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. However, before you start a regimen it’s best to talk with your doctor to ensure the oil won’t interact negatively with any medications you may be on. Your doctor will be able to tell you how it should affect you, and how much you should take per day.

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