Feet Problems Affect Every Area of Your Life-Help Is Available!

Feet problems can impact every area of your life. When you are dealing with foot pain it can be debilitating. It can keep you from enjoying friends and family. It can impact your ability to perform at work. It effects how you exercise.

The good news is if you are suffering from one of the most common foot problems there is a solution that can help provide the relief that you deserve. Learn more about painless bunion surgery orange county ca to get “back on your feet” without pain!


Bunions are painful. They are a deformity that is caused by putting pressure on the big toe joint. Shoes are largely the blame for this problem. It mainly affects women. It is a condition that gets worse with time.

There are some non-surgical things that you can do to control bunion pain, but nothing will cure bunions except for bunion surgery. Your podiatrist may suggest you wear shoes that have a larger “box” for your toes. He or she may also suggest you forgo heels. There are braces that also can provide some therapeutic support, but nothing is as effective as surgery.

What to Expect with Surgery

One of the biggest concern’s patients have about this type of surgery is what the recovery period will be like. You will have a few weeks where you will either need to where a boot or a cast to help facilitate the healing. You can expect a complete recovery in about 8 weeks.

Of course many patients worry about the risks involved. This is a very common surgery that delivers excellent results but like all surgeries there are some risks involved. Your best option is to speak with a surgeon that specializes in this foot problems specifically bunion correction to get more information.

Why Surgery is a Good Choice for Bunion Treatment

Surgery is the only treatment option that will correct bunions. All other treatment options are meant to treat the symptoms. At some point the pain from the bunions will get worse and the other treatment options will no longer be able to provide the relief you need.

This corrective surgery can permanently rid you of pain and help you to start enjoying life again. It may be the ideal solution to solve your foot problems!

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