Four Reasons to Visit Your Local Urgent Care Clinic

As adults, there are many responsibilities that fall upon our shoulders. We have to take care of ourselves in many ways; financially, physically, mentally, and also have to make sure our medical needs are taken care of as well. Now while there are a number of options for where you can go to receive medical treatment, one place you definitely need to consider going to is the local urgent care facility. You can find an urgent care facility in just about any town or city across the country and they provide a number of important medical services. This article will take a look at why you should pay a visit to your local urgent care facility if the need arises.

  • Urgent Care Treats Sports Injuries: One reason to visit an urgent care facility is because they are able to work on sports injuries. These include injuries you or your children might acquire while playing sports, like sprained ankles, painful bruises, pulled muscles, minor cuts, or shin splints, just to name some examples. If you end up with one of these sports injuries, head on over to urgent care to get them checked out and treated.
  • Provides the Annual Flu Shot: Another reason to visit an urgent care facility is because they can provide the annual flu shot. No matter how old you are, it’s imperative to get the flu shot once a year to protect yourself from influenza. Since urgent care is open seven days a week and doesn’t require an appointment, you can walk in whenever your schedule allows to get your shot.
  • Provides Testing for STDs and HIV: A third, and very important reason to visit an urgent care facility is because they can provide vital testing for STDs and HIV. Considering how easy it can be to transmit an STD or, more critically, HIV from one person to another, if you even suspect you’ve been infected with either an STD or HIV, you should head to the local urgent care right away to get the testing done, so you can find out relatively quickly whether or not you’ve been infected. The sooner you find out the test results, the more quickly you can begin a treatment plan.
  • Treating Cold and Flu Symptoms: Finally, a fourth reason to visit the urgent care facility is because they can help treat cold and flu symptoms. These symptoms, including nasal congestion, fever, and sore throat, can seem minor, but if left untreated can quickly develop into something major. Therefore, even if you think you can just suffer through the symptoms without treatment, go visit urgent care and get treatment for your symptoms so a simple cold doesn’t grow into something worse like bronchitis.

In conclusion, there are a number of important reasons to go visit urgent care. These reasons include, but are not limited to: receiving treatment for sports injuries, receiving a flu shot, getting tested for STDs or HIV, and getting treated for cold and flu symptoms.

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