Overcoming Sleep Apnea With a Resmed CPAP Machine

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There are too many Americans who do not get enough sleep every night. They may struggle with falling asleep or staying asleep. They may be experiencing pain or anxiety, preventing them from getting a good night of sleep. They may even be experiencing conditions like sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition that involves a lack of oxygen, during sleep. The person stops breathing during sleep. The body may be jolted awake, sometimes multiple times per night. In addition to a lack of quality sleep, sleep apnea can be very dangerous.

Anytime the body is rejected of oxygen can be dangerous. This is especially true when it occurs multiple times in a short period of time. According to the National Commission on Sleep Disorders Research, approximately 38,000 deaths occur on an annual basis that relate to cardiovascular problems that in one way or another are connected to sleep apnea. When the body is unable to get its needed amounts of oxygen, it affects other parts of the body, including the brain, the heart, and the circulation of all the blood.

On the average night?s sleep, a sufferer of obstructive sleep apnea may experience 60 sleep apneas per hour. This can severely affect a person?s sleep, resulting in further medical concerns. Also, 60 situations of stopped breathing and lack of oxygen can severely increase the risk of cardiovascular medical conditions. Those with advanced cases of sleep apnea or those with frequent occurrences of sleep disturbances should invest in a resmed CPAP machine.

A resmed CPAP machine is a machine that takes over the breathing process during a sleep apnea. The resmed CPAP machine is fitted onto the person through a mask. The BIPAP mask increases the oxygen levels of the body. It can identify when the body has stopped breathing on its own, providing the needed oxygen. The resmed CPAP machine can also be helpful in determining exactly how many sleep apneas, if any are present during a regular night. The resmed CPAP machine is a great way for diagnosing an otherwise hard to diagnose condition.

There are many different types and brands of BIPAP machine and CPAP machines. The best CPAP mask will depend on the preferences and the size of the user. Preferences for nasal pillows or CPAP masks are pretty much split down the middle, 50% prefer nasal pillows, 45% favor nasal masks, and 5% of users have no preference. It can be helpful to try a variety of mask options for comfort, before purchasing, as they can be expensive.

The cost of a CPAP machine also varies, depending on a few factors. The price may be affected by the size of the CPAP machines, the brand, the amount of usage and the person?s medical coverage. Some resmed CPAP machines may be covered by insurance, if medical conditions prove that it is necessary. However, many insurance companies have strict regulations on the use of CPAP machines. They may require that the machine be used first for diagnosis. Once a diagnosis is made, they may require specific usage times, ensuring that the CPAP machine is being used throughout the entire night. The may also limit brands or prices of CPAP machines.

Many Americans suffer from sleep apnea, which is a condition that reduces levels of oxygen during sleep. For obvious reasons, this can be very dangerous. Anytime the body lacks oxygen, other medical conditions set in. A resmed CPAP machine provides the body with the needed oxygen during sleep, when it stops producing it itself. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a CPAP machine and CPAP mask. Comfort and price should be considered. Also, insurance companies may have specific regulations surrounding the exact purchase of a specific CPAP machine.

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