What is the Reasoning Behind Your Desire for a Nose Job?

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In today’s society, there are somewhat outrageous standards of beauty. Women are made to feel like they must compete with and live up to magazine covers that are often photo shopped past the point of recognition. Excessive amounts of money and attention are spent on advertising and products that encourage conformity to those standards. While there is nothing wrong with focusing on refining your look, it must come from a place of inner contentment, self confidence, and a settled peace with who you are at your deepest level.

What to consider if you are thinking about a nose job or other procedure
Getting cosmetic surgery or procedures done does not constitute low self esteem or trouble with self worth. But it too often can be an indicator of that. If you are thinking about getting work done, take the time first to make sure that you are at peace with yourself. Is this something that you want to do for yourself or because society’s standards and pressures have made you believe that you should? It is important to take the time to reflect on that and to be honest with yourself, as there are so many cases of people not realizing that an internalized idea or belief about themselves has really come from a harmful, outside source.

Maybe you are thinking about getting a nose job because of a health issue. Doctors might recommend getting nose jobs to those patients who have issues breathing, for example. There is such a wide variety of reasons that different people consider different procedures. One thing is for sure: you should never feel judged or otherwise negatively influenced when it comes to such a drastic personal change.

Common procedures and the differences between them

In one recent year, the five most common surgical procedures that women went through were liposuction, tummy tucks, breast augmentation, breast lifts, and eyelid lifts. A few of those might easily be confused.

Liposuctions and tummy tucks can be similar, as they might both address issues in the abdomen, but liposuction can also be performed on other areas of the body to remove excess fat. Tummy tucks are often more focused on excess or loose skin around the belly.

Breast augmentation and breast lifts are also similar
, but augmentation focuses on increasing the size of the breasts while a lift deals with raising and firming the breasts without adding anything extra to increase cup size.

Breast reduction is another form of surgery, that reduces the cup size instead of increasing or lifting. Breast reduction often helps to relieve chronic back pain after a surgery that lasts around two or three hours. Other common procedures include rhinoplasty, or nose jobs, cheekbone augmentation, and other types of facelifts.

Medical and cosmetic procedures are big steps
Yearly statistics show that over the course of one year in the United States, about 15.9 million procedures were performed, whether they were surgical or minimally invasive. It was a 2% increase from the year before, and it does not seem that the interest in cosmetic alterations will go out of style any time soon, as the perception of beauty standards still need a lot of work. In today’s society, with the medical advances that we have at our disposal, just about anything is possible. In fact some people even go so far as to become addicted to going under the knife. It can be a dangerous thing to be so cavalier with how you permanently change your body, especially if you have not put in the proper amount of mental and psychological preparation or evaluations.

Everyone has their doubts and insecurities. Sometimes it takes a great deal of self reflection and time to come to terms with them, or even realize exactly what they are and why you have them. But the truth is that going under the knife will not magically fix everything. Cosmetic surgery should be approached with care and a great deal of self confidence and self respect.

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