Three Benefits of Pole Dancing Lessons

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about half of all adults–112 million people–had at least one or more chronic health conditions in 2012. Seven of the top 10 causes of deaths were chronic diseases in 2010. Two of those chronic diseases–heart disease and cancer–accounted for nearly 48% of all deaths. And 1/3 of all adults were designated as obese.

It’s not the easiest thing to work to become more physically healthy. A standard 40-hour week at work makes finding time to exercise difficult and when factoring in family responsibilities and other pursuits, time allocated to exercising dwindles to a small amount each week.

There’s also the motivation factor, which is where specific fitness groups like CrossFit come in. The added presence of a group of people and a routine that goes beyond running on the treadmill or lifting weights can bring new motivation. If that’s the rut you find yourself in, there’s a new type of exercise gaining traction. It’s called pole dancing.

Here are three benefits of pole dancing lessons.

Muscle Toning

Pole dancing classes involve moves that ask you to control your body weight. Consider the difficulty in doing a plank, a common core exercise, or lifting yourself up a ledge while hiking. While muscle growth may be slim, the tone of your muscles may improve as endurance is challenged through body weight exercises.

Balance and Coordination

Pole dancing for fitness involves a great deal of balance and coordination. If you find it difficult to control balance while on a treadmill or jumping rope, pole dancing lessons may help improve your balance as you’re completing moves that ask you to control your body’s motion.


One benefit of pole dancing classes is the sense of community that comes with taking group lessons. The interaction with others can be especially beneficial for exercising as people can motivate one another through the entire class and inspire each other to come back.

While it’s easy to focus on metrics like calories burned and weight lost, pole dancing can also have another benefit that many will find attractive: the dancer’s body type. For those that don’t seem inspired by the physique gained through lifting or the ultra thinness of a long distance runner, a dancer’s body type may be a good change. And it may give you bachelorette party ideas.

With pole dancing lessons, muscles are strengthened and toned, the core is tightened, and muscles become leaner rather than bigger. Add that to the many psychological benefits like improved self-confidence and improved mood, pole dancing might be right for you.

Finding pole dancing lessons might involve searching on the Internet for a local dance studio. For instance, searching “pole dancing classes Dallas TX” or “dance studio Dallas” would likely result in a good match.

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