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Do You Have a Friend Who Drinks Too Much? Startling Facts About Drunk Driving

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Addiction affects millions of people around the world, but when we are dealing with our own close friend’s or family member’s addiction, it can feel like a difficult struggle to reach them. Studies indicate that more than 12 million people use illegal drugs every month, but that about 2 million of those people would be classified as addicts. While the debate about addiction continues — is it a disease or are addicts to blame for their behavior? — the families of addicts look for innovative ways to help their loved ones recover. Recovery from addiction can be a long road, but private drug rehab centers exist to help people free themselves from long-term drinking or drug addiction.

One major question that parents strive to answer is: how did my child start using drugs in the first place? Widespr

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Pain Treatment Options for Chronic Pain Sufferers

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Aches and pains are one of the most common visits to a physician?s office. Some of these pains may be temporary, the result of an injury or accident. Many patients, however, seek medical care for chronic pain conditions. Chronic pain conditions are characterized by a minimum of six months of pain, with no relief. The pain is sometimes sudden and other times, it has grown worse over time. There is no one treatment for chronic pain, but the symptoms can be handled in a variety of ways, depending on the type and frequency of the pain.

Seek medical care. If you have a pain that has persisted for a minimum of six months with no pain relief, it is best to consult with your physician. They may refer you to medical specialists for further testing or to a pain management physician for further

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How IVF Treatments Can Increase Your Chances of Fertility

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Every year, many women bring children into the world. Every year, many more women dream of being able to bring a child into the world. Hundreds of thousands of women, across the country, deal with infertility. There are many causes of infertility, from hormone change to medication side effects. These women are disappointed month are month, after they find out that they are not pregnant. Fortunately, we live in a world where these women have options. These options may not guarantee conception and the birth of a child, but they can increase the chances of a couple being able to give birth to their own child.

A fertility clinic is where a couple can go to learn of their options. It is often run by a medical professional who is a fertility expert. In most cases, the medical professional has had previous succ

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Why Marriage Counseling Works

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A couple?s wedding day is often the happiest memory of their relationship. However, the wedding day does not guarantee happiness, loyalty, and companionship. Many couples struggle in the coming years. They may experience trouble with infidelity, financial struggles, and parenting differences. They may grow apart, and one day, find themselves questioning their entire marriage. When you feel that all hope is lost in your relationship, is it too late to save those vows you made so many years ago? Can you make it through this difficult relationship period, and prevent divorce from occurring? Counseling has shown to be very successful in bringing couples back together for many reasons.

Counseling provides an unbiased middle ground. Couple members may feel like they are not being listened to o

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Three Benefits of Pole Dancing Lessons

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about half of all adults–112 million people–had at least one or more chronic health conditions in 2012. Seven of the top 10 causes of deaths were chronic diseases in 2010. Two of those chronic diseases–heart disease and cancer–accounted for nearly 48% of all deaths. And 1/3 of all adults were designated as obese.

It’s not the easiest thing to work to become more physically healthy. A standard 40-hour week at work makes finding time to exercise difficult and when factoring in family responsibilities and other pursuits, time allocated to exercising dwindles to a small amount each week.

There’s also the motivation factor, which is where specific fitness groups like CrossFit come in. The added presence of a group of people and a r

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