Do You Have a Friend Who Drinks Too Much? Startling Facts About Drunk Driving

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Addiction affects millions of people around the world, but when we are dealing with our own close friend’s or family member’s addiction, it can feel like a difficult struggle to reach them. Studies indicate that more than 12 million people use illegal drugs every month, but that about 2 million of those people would be classified as addicts. While the debate about addiction continues — is it a disease or are addicts to blame for their behavior? — the families of addicts look for innovative ways to help their loved ones recover. Recovery from addiction can be a long road, but private drug rehab centers exist to help people free themselves from long-term drinking or drug addiction.

One major question that parents strive to answer is: how did my child start using drugs in the first place? Widespread health studies show that kids often start down a path that leads to drugs before they even graduate from middle school: a casual experimentation with alcohol at a friend’s house could lead to harder drug use on a long-term basis. Parents should familiarize themselves with new slang words that children use to describe drugs and alcohol: perform an online search for “drug slang terms.” Some teens enjoy the thrill of using drugs at home, while others may go to their friends’ house and drink or use drugs. Older teens may not realize that they have a problem, or that it could follow them into their adult lives. When “partying” takes over a person’s life and finances, then it is definitely a serious problem.

Another drug of choice for many teens is prescription medication: overdose from sleeping pills or other recreational — yet incredibly serious — drugs accounts for about half of all emergency room cases each year. Teens are often secretive, but teen addicts might be posting on their social media accounts and telling their friends about their drug use by phone. Eavesdropping is not always an effective option: parents might want to go to their local drug store to get a drug test. Drug tests are widely available now, and teens who use drugs or who drink may be surprised that their parents want to test them for illegal substances. Parents report high levels of satisfaction with at-home drug testing: this way, they do not have to wait for an unfortunate event to occur before looking into private drug rehab options for their teens.

There is a wide range of private drug rehab
facilities in most states, and it’s important to find drug rehab centers that cater to young people. There is a high rate of binge drinking in college, and students should know that if they think one of their friends has a problem with alcohol, they should report the issue to their dorm adviser. Binge drinking is a widespread problem in the United States: about 15% of all adults report that they have had more than eight drinks at a time in the last month. The news media has regular reports about college students who harm themselves at binge drinking parties or hazing rituals. Students should always prevent their friends from driving drunk, and many larger cities have “free cab” programs in place to prevent young people from driving while drunk.

Going to private drug rehab can help people decompress from repeated or heavy drug use, and can allow people to reconsider their lifestyle choices and addictive habits. Is drug abuse a disease? Private drug rehab centers help addicts look at their choices and try to instill a sense of impulse control. What do the patient’s life goals look like? Drug rehab centers can help people shed their addiction and go back to school or get a new job. Interventions remain an important event in an addict’s life: finding out how to overcome and to move past addiction could be a lot easier with some compassionate, professional help from an inpatient drug rehab center.

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