FUE vs Micropigmentation

When you first start losing your hair, you may go through a brief period of denial. You can’t believe it’s happening to you and not the other guy. You may think your hair is soon going to start growing back—or maybe the hair loss will be halted, and you can continue on with the hair you have. Often, however, reality sets in quickly and you find yourself accepting the fact that a full head of hair is no longer a possibility. But is that necessarily the case? Are there ways to get back to your old appearance? The fact is, yes, there are. There are several options, and each has its own benefits. Here are a couple that a lot of men have been using and getting solid results.

FUE Hair Replacement

Regardless of your hair restoration needs, you are going to want to at least consider FUE hair restoration. With FUE, you get to take hair that is already growing on your head and transplant it to the areas that are balding. This is a great solution for men that have healthy hair growing in the back of their head but need some up top or in front. The way it works is hair is removed from the back of your head and then inserted in an area that needs it. This kind of hair restoration depends on the hair keeping its current set of roots, which then help the hair to grow in the new spot. It is much like transplanting a plant in that sense. Once the hair has been inserted in the new area, it grows like a normal hair would.

A special machine is used to quickly harvest the hair that is going to be transplanted. Each transplanted hair or hairs gets its own chance to thrive in the new area. Some people wonder whether or not hair can be transplanted from other parts of the body into the head. Our genetics determine where certain kinds of hair can grow well. It is very difficult for another type of hair to grow on the head, and some studies show it is next to impossible. However, because the scarring from FUE can be so easy to hide, many men don’t let this hold them back from going through the procedure.


Micropigmentation is another hair loss technique that is gaining in popularity. With micropigmentation, a lot of men are able to satisfy their hair restoration needs even though it does not actually give them new hair. Micropigmentation is essentially a tattoo that is put on your head. The tattoo looks like real hair follicles sitting beneath the surface of the scalp. The way it helps address hair restoration needs is a certain color of ink is chosen that matches the natural color of your hair. Then a very tiny tattoo tool is used to put miniscule dots into the scalp. There is a certain amount of pain involved, but it’s not unbearable, and the procedure is over fairly quickly. The entire fronr and top of your head can be covered in a series of a couple treatments that take a few hours each, depending on how much has to be covered. How does it look? It looks good, depending on the angle at which you are viewing it—and the lighting. If a bright light is shining directly on your head, it will usually reflect off the bald spots and you will still look bald in pictures. However, with the right lighting and angles you look like someone who has purposely shaved his head but has a full head of hair that could grow out if you allowed it.

Which is Better, FUE or Micropigmentation?

If what you want is real hair growing as real hair should, the better choice is an FUE procedure. This can actually meet your hair restoration needs. Micropigmentation is fairly easy and inexpensive, but it’s not your real hair. FUE treatment allows you to grow real hair again, and you can comb it and mess with it as much as you want.

In the end, it’s completely up to you. Everyone’s hair restoration needs are different. But these are both solid options if you want to wake up feeling like your old self again.

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