Back Pain? See A Spinal Disorder Expert

Dr. Michael Sinel is the spinal disorder expert that will help you get back on your feet. When you are dealing with back pain you are missing out on life. Your back pain can keep you sidelined from all the fun.

Back pain disorders can interrupt your life on a regular basis. Many people that suffer with back pain isolate themselves from family, friends, co-workers, social situations and more because the pain has become unbearable.

Treating Just the Symptoms

Unfortunately many medical professionals will treat the symptoms but do not target and treat the cause of the pain. A chiropractor is a spinal disorder specialist that looks for treatment methods that:

  • Treat painful symptoms
  • Treat the cause
  • Help you to make positive lifestyle changes to further your healing

Dr. Michael Sinel is not only a spinal disorder expert, but he always believes in delivering compassionate care that is focused on the whole picture. The right specialist can act as part healer and part detective.

Some back disorders are not easy to diagnose. Finding the root cause of the problem so that proper treatment can be determined requires years of experience and the desire to “solve the puzzle”. Being dependent on pain medication is not a solution treating the cause of the problem is.

Treating the Whole Person

Back disorders affect your entire body not just the back. Many times, a back problem is misdiagnosed as another issue because a patient may describe pain in the legs, shoulder, neck and arms. The pain you are experiencing may not necessarily be felt only in the back.

An expert that has experience in back problems can put the pieces of your puzzle together quickly and determine the best treatment option. They have the skill set to help you to get the treatment that you need to address the root cause of your problems.

A chiropractor can make recommendations for lifestyle changes, answer nutrition questions and develop a spinal disorder rehabilitation plan personalized to your needs. Of course, your symptoms will be treated as well.

When you have a professional on your side that is highly experienced in back disorders, managing the pain and rehabilitative treatment options you improve your chances greatly of enjoying all the things you are missing out on now!

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