An Overview of What to Expect When You Visit the Audiologist

Hearing loss is something that no one wants to think about, but it can happen to anyone. 36 million Americans experience some form of hearing loss, ranging from partial hearing loss to being completely deaf. As we grow older, the chances of experiencing hearing loss go up. There is a strong correlation between age and hearing loss. If you suspect or know that you are experiencing hearing loss at any level, then it’s important to see an audiologist to have your hearing and ears evaluated. An audiologist can be seen via a remote consultation or an on-site consultation. No matter how the hearing health care consultation takes place, it’s important to be seen and get your hearing tested to evaluate how bad the problem is. This article will provide a brief overview of what to expect when you visit the audiologist.

  • You’ll Have a Hearing Test: After arranging an appointment through a hearing health care consultation company, you’ll visit an audiologist for an on-site consultation. During this appointment, your hearing will be tested in a variety of ways. At its most basic level, a hearing test consists of wearing headphones while a range of sounds are played. You then indicate which sounds you can hear, which gives an idea of how well you can hear.
  • Your Ears Will Be Examined: After receiving a hearing test, you will also have your ears physically examined. Since hearing loss is caused by a physical issue, an examination can sometimes reveal what is going on inside the ears that is causing hearing loss to happen.
  • Options for Hearing Aids Will Be Discussed: At some point during the on-site consultation, you will have a discussion as to what your options are for hearing aids. You’ll have the choice of hearing aid buying groups as to where your hearing aids can come from. The choice of hearing aid will depend in part on what you can afford and what works best for you.

In conclusion, this is what you can basically expect when you visit the audiologist. You will have a hearing test to gauge how bad your hearing loss is, your ears will be physically examined, and you will discuss options for hearing aids. This, in broad strokes, is what will happen during your appointment.

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