Knowing Where to Find Massage and Spa Supplies

The personal care and personal beauty markets are huge in the United States today, and some men and many women are very much interested in finding the best products to care for their skin, hair, fingernails, and more. Massage supplies like massage oils or other skin products may be found at local retailers or online catalogs, and aside from massage supplies, a person may find manicure and pedicure supplies like clippers and foot tubs, as well as facial kits, spa furniture, and even waxing supplies and tools. Skin care and hair care are also hugely popular, and there are some noted trends about how often Americans buy these products, along with the global market for them. What massage supplies might someone find in a store?

Massages and Spas

Getting massages and spas are more popular than ever, and these are non-invasive techniques that can make someone feel much better. The right massage supplies can be bought and used such as oils and creams, and massages in the hands of an expert are a great way to relax the body and mind alike. A massage can loosen stressed or bunched up muscles and nerves, and this can often relieve back pain or pressure on joints or nerves, and this in turn can have a relaxing effect on the mind. In fact, physical therapy and recovery often involves gently working the body such as yoga and massages to deal with chronic pain or help a patient recover from an injury or painful surgery. Even everyday customers may take a big interest in massage supplies to unwind after a long week at work, and manage their stress through physical action. Spas are in a similar vein, and they use steam and warmth to open up pores and work wonders for the skin. This can help remove unwanted dead cells and other matter from the skin and even help prevent the physical symptoms of aging. And like with a massage, a spa can be relaxing and help set the customer at ease, making spas very popular. In fact, in a 2016 survey, it was found that some 13.71 million people had used day spa services sometime in the past 12 months. Similarly, 88% of surveyed people reported that massages are critical for their mental and physical well-being. No wonder massage supplies like creams, lotions, and oils sell so well.

What to Buy

There is a bountiful market for those who are looking for massage supplies, hair care products, skin care, and more, and both local retailers and online catalogs can help with this. Skin care is a strong place to start; a 2017 survey showed that 52% of all American consumers reported using skin care products every day, and it is likely that many more use such products at least once a week or so. This is true around the world, and interest is growing; by the year 2024, experts predict that the worldwide skin care market could reach a value of $180 billion. Skin care products can often slow down or block the effects of aging such as wrinkles, and such products can also hide dark bags under the eyes or moisten dry skin such as on the elbows or knees, and these products will also often give a person a pleasant scent. Different scents like coconut, lavender, citrus, and more may be found at local stores or online catalogs alike.

Other products may include hair care products for men and women alike. These may include curling irons or rollers to help someone get the curls or waviness that they want, and some men use hair gel to make their hair stand up in trendy styles. Hair dye is also popular and can change a person’s hair color to another shade such as platinum blonde or chestnut brown, or even unnatural bu stylish colors like neon green, pink, or cherry red for a more rebellious and personal look (think Punk). Hair care can include scissors and clippers as well as anti-dandruff shampoo or conditioner, and customers may also find waxing products to remove unwanted body hair. Both men and women may want waxing products, especially right before swimsuit season starts.

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