Back Pain? Here Are Five Questions to Ask Your Chiropractor

There’s no doubt about it, millions of people in the United States suffer from back pain. For instance, every year back pain plagues one-half of all Americans who work. And at one point in their lives, it is estimated by the experts that 80% of the population will have a back problem. With statistics like this, it’s good to be prepared. If you have a back problem or spinal disorders and decide that chiropractors are best for your treatment, here are five key questions to ask.

1. Do you offer a free consultation?

A free consultation is a must for every patient. You have to see if the atmosphere, the staff, and the office experience are all good fits for you. A free consultation may also let you chat with other patients and get some idea of how others feel about treatment in this particular chiropractor’s practice.

2. Will you give me your recommendations in writing?

It’s very important to get the chiropractor’s recommendations in writing. Why? So you can go home and think about the course of treatment you want to follow. How long will treatments last? How much will it cost? Without complete information, you cannot make such an important determination. Don’t ever be cajoled into making a decision on the spot. You should never be pressured. If you cannot easily get the chiropractor’s recommendations in writing, you can easily get another chiropractor.

3. What kind of plans are available for my payments?

Payment is always an issue with any medical treatment. Make sure to ask if your chiropractor will let you spread out your payments. This way you will be less stressed about money and you will be able to focus on getting better.

4. Do you offer any kind of guarantee?

A good chiropractor will be concerned with your satisfaction. It is not possible to guarantee success, but it is possible to offer a guarantee that you will be satisfied. Your satisfaction consists of being satisfied with office visits, the quality of treatment provided and the services rendered while you are in the office. Any medical professional wants you to be 100% satisfied, so if this is not mentioned, you may want to visit other chiropractors and find another care provider.

5. How do you measure my progress?

This is another way of asking about your treatment plan. Is this the type of office that shows you their expectations of your progress and involves you in the course of your treatment? Do they give you an estimate of about how many visits you will need? Even though your treatment plan may vary during the course of your visits, there should be an overall plan with an overview of specific goals and expectations along the way. If your treatment sounds open-ended, and without a plan, you may want to keep looking around and consult with other chiropractors.

So, if it turns out that you experience back problems or need spinal disorder treatment, a chiropractor may be the perfect choice for you. Asking the right questions will help you find the right care provider quickly so you will be on your way to having less pain in your daily life.

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