Four Benefits of Being CPR Certified


Have you ever considered signing up for any CPR classes? If not, what is stopping you?

Many people think they don’t have enough extra time to take a CPR class. In reality, it really doesn’t take that long. Some people think that the occasions you’d need the knowledge you get from a CPR class are so rare that it isn’t really worth the cost or effort. In reality, the cost isn’t that much, you can’t put a price on a human life anyways. Maybe you won’t need your CPR knowledge for years after taking a class; but that one time you do need it makes it worth every penny and minute you spent.

Some people think they aren’t in the line of work that would make a CPR license necessary, such as EMTs or nurses. In reality, the immediate moments after a life threatening emergency occurs is the difference between life or death. By the time a medical professional is available, it could be too late. Some people honestly want to take a CPR class, but it just isn’t enough of a priority to put it at the top of your to-do list. Saving lives is always a priority.

If we haven’t convinced you to go sign up for a class right away, here are four huge benefits of having a CPR certification:

Four Benefits of Being CPR Certified

  1. Your knowledge will save lives.

    The leading cause of death among American adults is heart disease. The most common form of heart disease is cardiac arrest (or a heart attack). More than 300,000 adults succumb to cardiac arrest every year. Unfortunately, cardiac arrest is spontaneous and requires immediate care if the patient stands any chance of survival. In fact, so much so that if a person goes into cardiac arrest anywhere outside of a hospital facility, they have only a 1% chance of survival. That 1% chance goes up dramatically if a person who is trained to use a defibrillator. That is a training that you’d get during your CPR class.

    In addition to being able to administer life-saving care in the case of a heart attack, you also learn what to do in many other of the most common life-threatening emergencies. Every person who you come in contact with is safer and better off because you took the time to take a CPR class.

  2. You contribute to a better community.

    The spirit of CPR training elevates the entire community you live in. When there is an emergency in your area, it draws the attention of people nearby, whether you know each other or not. The more people in your community go through CPR training, the more likely that someone who knows how to handle an emergency will be nearby when one occurs. With each person who is CPR trained, the less likely an emergency will turn into a tragedy in your community.

    When you go through CPR training, you are joining with other CPR licensed members of your community to protect everyone in your entire area.

  3. You have more opportunities.

    Being CPR certified is an additional skill that you have to offer the workplace. Many work places are required to keep a certain number of their staff to be CPR certified; when you already have CPR training, it makes you an attractive candidate as it helps them meet their worksite safety requirements.

    Even the job opportunities who do not have CPR training requirements are more available when you have a CPR certification. When you have a CPR license, you are sending a message to your potential employers that you are a go-getter. You go out of your way to develop your skillset and grow as a person. Those are qualities that an employer looks for in their staff. Getting a CPR license opens up opportunites that you never would have had otherwise.

  4. You can sleep a little easier when you have CPR training.

    As a parent, it is easy to get wrapped up in all the possibilities that could go wrong. Sometimes, you can’t enjoy yourself at things that should be fun because you’re focused on what could go wrong. When you’re CPR trained, you can breath a little easier, knowing that if there was an emergency, you’d know just what to do.

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