Are You Without Medical Insurance Or Job Security? Options Are Available To You

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Are you finding yourself in need of benefits, but are not sure where to turn and what options are currently available to you? Basic benefits and coverages plans are as diverse as the people they help, with a variety of different benefits plans and programs that can suit your budget, lifestyle and needs. Voluntary benefits programs for part-time and casual workers involve helping people lead better lives through everything from individual health insurance programs and cost-effective benefits solutions. For those that live in Canada, finding group benefits in Toronto and Ontario is often at the forefront of their mind. Let’s take a look at the voluntary benefits programs for part-time and casual workers in North America.

Worker’s Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction with their part-time or full-time job is essential to reduce employee turnover, depression and general dissatisfaction. Estimates have shown over $11 billion lost every year to employee turnover, with many companies and small businesses struggling to fill in the gap with training programs, supplies and interview costs. A recent survey saw half of all Millennials saying they expect to leave their current employers in the next two years, if given the financial choice. Voluntary benefits programs for part-time and casual workers go a long way in discouraging employee turnover and providing employees from all backgrounds with stability and confidence.

Wage Discrimination

Wage disparity has been an issue affecting many people over the decades. Surveys have shown that 75% of women do not believe they’re paid equally to their male counterparts, compared to 50% of men. Workers who are actively disparaged or disengaged from their work are twice as likely as satisfied and compensated workers to be diagnosed with mental illness such as depression or social anxiety. Employees who are engaged and have a fulfilled sense of well-being are nearly half as likely to view their day-to-day lives highly, including recovering from an injury, illness or personal hardship. According to a recent poll, companies that increase the number of engaged and satisfied workers and supervisors make at least 140% more than companies that do not.

Medical Care

There are many different forms of medical care provided to part-time and full-time employees. Paid leave is the most commonly provided benefit to employees, which includes paid holidays. Nearly 80% of employees had paid vacation as a time benefit readily made available to them, with companies offering 11 or more benefits landing high on lists of recommendations compared to those who did not. A recent report found four out of five Canadians financially on track to a comfortable retirement, in spite of claims to the contrary, and much of that is attributed to stable work environments and reliable medical care. Finding a benefits plan that can cover your needs involves looking at your budget, the jobs available to you and your general needs.

Finding A Benefits Plan

Securing a benefits plan will go a long way in increasing your job satisfaction, stability and confidence in your future. Medical care plans have been made available to at least 70% of workers in the private sector, although only half of all employees participated in those plans, and efforts are being made to continue expanding voluntary benefits programs for part-time and casual workers around the country. Make sure to double-check the medical plan available to you and see if it covers basics such as dental, eyecare and sick leave. Some plans have been expiring due to changes in government and local plans, as well. Maintaining a healthy working life is involving enough without worrying about your health and cost-effective benefits solutions should always be there for you to fall back on.

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