4 Steps to Getting Your Summer Body

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With spring just around the corner, it means that summer is just around the block. And for many people, this information is regarded with dread. Why? They never got a chance to start sculpting their ultimate beach body. Sure, they made a resolution or two to look and be their best in 2016. But alas, three months have passed and they still find themselves indulging in their favorite treats on a daily basis and are failing to exercise.
Luckily, it’s never too late to start getting into shape. In fact, weight loss is actually a lot simpler than many people realize. Don’t believe us? To prove it, we’ve provided 4 simple ways that you can achieve a bikini-ready body come summertime.

  1. Hydrate
    While this does sound simplistic, water really is so important to the body’s overall wellbeing. That being said, it’s important to drink six to eight 8 oz. glasses of water per day. Water helps to curb cravings, keep you full, and also flushes your system of waste and toxins that your body is holding onto.
  2. Move
    At a minimum, you should be getting in around 30 minutes of exercise three to five days a week. This can entail any level of activity. Start slow and work your way up to move difficult activity. Even walking for 30 minutes to an hour a day can dramatically affect your health for the better.
  3. Eat Well
    Michael Pollan has a distinct set of food rules that we find to be useful: “Eat food. Not too much of it. Mostly plants.” He also advises his readers to only shop on the outside of the grocery store, to only buy items with five ingredients or less, and to never buy items with ingredient items you couldn’t announce or that you great great grandmother wouldn’t recognize.
  4. Be Accountable — Join a Weight Loss Clinic
    Weight loss is a lot less difficult when you have people on your side. For that reason, it is wise to get the help of weight loss centers as you go about your weight loss journey. Weight loss centers often have set programs and even medical weight loss plans that will keep you on track and will have you feeling your happiest and healthiest.

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