Are Our Children Exposed to Harmful Radiation?

Emf protection for cordless phones

We live in a world of conveniences. Things that would have been considered science fiction or wishful thinking 150 years ago are now taken for granted in the U.S.: indoor plumbing; large appliances that keep our food cold or can cook it in minutes; and especially information at the click of a few buttons, sometimes on devices we can carry in our pockets. But is there an unseen price we pay for these conveniences?

The Invisible Force In Your Life.

Any small or large appliance that needs electricity to run gives off energy waves, or emits electromagnetic radiation. This happens because agitating atoms with electrical energy causes electrons within the atoms to be displaced. When the electron moves back to its original position of orbit within an atom, it emits an electromagnetic force, or EMF. Radio waves and television waves (but not sound waves) are forms of electromagnetic waves.

While there are guidelines in place for what an acceptable level of EMF exposure is for the general public, it is outdated. The number of small and large appliances we come into contact with everyday has grown dramatically over the past 60 years. As far back as 2007, experts insisted that the guidelines needed to be re-examined, as they were inadequate without being biologically assessed limits. For example, a 2012 study on chronic EMF exposure found physiological damage to cells after less than two years of exposure.

Do You Need to Know Ways to Block EMF?

Some people have electromagnetic sensitivity and are not even aware they do. These individuals may have chronic headaches, trouble sleeping, and trouble concentrating. Who would blame these symptoms on large appliances like a refrigerator or the television in our bedrooms? Sadly, children are thought to be the most at risk for EMF dangers. This is in part because they may be more exposed, due to some cities choosing to build cell phone towers near schools, daycares, and church lots. It is suspected that doing this has increased the average child’s EMF exposure 1000 times as much, as compared to a child from 20 to 25 years ago. There are some ways to protect children from EMF, and most involve simple things a parent can do.

Cell phones, televisions, and microwaves are all small appliances that emit EMF. Some allege that an EMF blocker works well, such as a small home blocker, or wearable jewelry that absorbs the waves before they can enter your body. There are some studies that support a small decrease in the symptoms of those chronically exposed to EMF. The only way to dramatically reduce our EMF exposure is to pass new federal guidelines on acceptable levels of exposure.

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