Why Do Substance Abuse Treatment Centers Make Sense for Addictions?

Cocaine addiction treatment

This March, singer and actress Demi Lovato celebrated her fourth anniversary of sobriety. In the past, Lovato has struggled with both an eating disorder and an addiction to cocaine. Lovato has said many times that stress — specifically, the stress accompanying being a young person growing up in Hollywood — were factors contributing to a dangerous cycle.

Lovato Smuggled Drugs Onto Planes

?I couldn?t go without 30 minutes to an hour without cocaine and I would bring it on airplanes,? Demi Lovato infamously admitted several years ago in an interview with Access Hollywood, detailing just how bad her addiction was. Today, Lovato has recovered and seems to be doing better than ever. Not only has she maintained a sober lifestyle, but she has released several top 10 singles, and will be starring in several upcoming movies.

Still Considered One of the Lucky Ones

As much as Lovato has gone through, some would call her one of ?the lucky ones.? Why? Many people who struggle with drug addictions often don?t get the help they need in time, and spiral down further and further as they refuse to acknowledge the problem. It can start with poor work performance and disagreements with close friends, and end with lost jobs, estrangements, and in some cases, even jail time.

Why Substance Abuse Treatment Centers Make Sense

If you?re thinking of entering a drug rehab process, the sooner the better. It?s never too late to get your life back on track, and drug addictions are notoriously hard to fight without a strong network of support. Addictions can be difficult to quit for a variety of reasons — it can be difficult to get away from the drug scene if you?ve been an active member of it before, daily stresses can encourage relapse, and of course, the fact that when you stop taking a drug, you will often experience withdrawal systems.

These are all strong reasons to visit substance abuse treatment centers. These centers can help patients work through the feelings that are leading to their continued drug use. They can help patients establish healthier coping mechanisms for stress. They can also provide a sober network of support.

Although millions of people struggle with addictions, only an estimated 11% of them ever seek residential treatment for their problems. Substance abuse treatment centers can often be the beginning of a life change. Demi Lovato is a great example of someone who has been helped by drug rehab centers when nothing else was able to work. Do you feel like you’re ready for a change?

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