Urgent Care in Portland

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Urgent care is an important resource for after hours care, often working in tandem with an established health system. Unlike an established health system, urgent care doesn’t always require insurance and provides quality care for reasonable prices. About half of the urgent care centers in America are in buildings that they do not share and which are not connected to another building. The majority of doctors are certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) and the American Medical Association (AMA). Urgent care centers are also regulated by the Urgent Care Association of America, which began to establish certain qualifications for urgent care centers in early 2009.

If you need a doctor Portland offers a number of urgent care centers that provide a variety of services. Whether it’s an annual physical, an incidental injury, or STD testing Portland urgent care services and the physicians who provide them are just as qualified as the services offered at hospitals or doctors’ offices. Less than ten miles away, centers of urgent care beaverton and urgent care Portland Oregon are able to collaborate. In similar situations, urgent care centers so close together also share staff sometimes.

The reputation of urgent care is coming up to par with the reputation that hospitals and doctors’ offices have enjoyed for years, especially with the addition of the a regulating body and their institution of criteria for urgent care centers. While many centers of urgent care Portland and Beaverton benefit from an advantageous connection with a larger medical body, some are freestanding and these independent centers are gaining ground with the newly established regulations.

The urgent care portland provides allows uninsured community members and new residents in the general area to get the health care they need while they work through financial or moving difficulties. While looking for a doctor Portland offers alternatives through the urgent care Portland and Beaverton can and do provide to their community.

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