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    Cosmetic Procedures Are Increasing Hair Loss Treatments, Botox Treatments, and Vampire Breast Lifts

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    Cosmetic procedures continue to be popular and prevalent within the United States. The incidence of surgical and minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures have both experienced an increasing demand.

    In 2015, for example, 15.9 million of these procedures were performed in the United States alone. During 2015, $13.3 billion was spent on a variety of procedures which included hair loss treatments, breast lifts, and face lifts. This represented a 2% increase from similar procedures performed in 2014.

    Hair Loss Treatments

    There are approximately 35 million men and 21 million women that are experiencing hair loss in the United States. On a world-wide basis, however, only 811,363 are seeking professional treatment.

    There are a variety of treatments available for hair loss. In addition to

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    Tips to Having a Better Experience After Bariatric Surgery

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    It is a well known fact that American is in the middle of a obesity crisis. At least 66% of people around the country say they are currently on a diet. At least half of people who try to lose weight with a diet fail because of issues with willpower. That is what is pushing many to have procedures such as bariatric surgery. There are several options here. They can have gastric sleeve surgery or gastric bypass surgery. These procedures can do a lot to help people lose the weight they want to lose. Many people attend medical weight loss seminars and decide to take the plunge. If you are one of these people, here are some tips to help you recover from your surgery.

    1. After surgery, get up and walk as much as you can. This may seem to be the very last thing you want to do after surgery but

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    A Guide to Caring for a Strong and Intricate Body

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    The world we live is as unnatural as it is natural. IT’s difficult to get any kind of support you might need, whether it be psychological, social or physical. Even our diets need to strictly regulated lest we forget crucial vitamins or nutrients. The intricacies of our bodies has a lot to do with this. The human body is a finely tuned and complicated machine that needs a lot of maintenance to keep it functioning properly. What follows is a general list of bodily systems and what it takes to keep them working at a threshold capacity. With a little bit of extra care and support, you can ensure that your body lasts you a long time and keeps you in a good quality of health, no matter who you are and where you live. It just takes a tiny step back to look at the processes involved.

    What to Know Before Relaxing Your Hair

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    hair stylistHair relaxers make up a huge portion of the black haircare market, totaling $152 million, or 21%. But even those who have been relaxing their hair for years make the mistake of forgetting to prepare their hair for treatment.

    Hair relaxers make tight curls and kinks much easier to manage and straighten for styling purposes, and many African American women prefer to treat their hair this way in order to have more flexibility when it comes to styling. But there are a number of things that you should know before visiting an African American hair salon to have your hair relaxed. Otherwise, your hair may be prone to breakage or irritation. Here’s what to do:

    1. Don’t agitate your scalp. Hair relaxer is a chemical, and if you have an irritated scalp, you will be prone to even more irritation and burning pain during the procedure. Be sure to wash your hair at least four days before the relaxer is put in. While many people will advise not to wash your hair right before a relaxer treatment, the longer you wait, the longer dirt and dust is able to settle on your scalp. If you prefer not to wash your hair so frequently, apply coconut or jojoba oil to your scalp to add an extra layer of oil protection, preventing itching and burning.
    2. Avoid intense exercise. Sweat is the body’s way of detoxing, so if you’ve been working out rigorously, it’s likely that your scalp is covered in dirt and toxins that can irritate your head. Don’t get your hair relaxed right after an intense workout. Wait a few days and be sure to shower beforehand.
    3. Dont tie your hair up. Try to gravitate toward loose styles. Braids and other up-dos can irritate the scalp without you even knowing. While these hairstyles are convenient and trendy, they can severely impact your hair stylist’s job as well as your level of comfort during the relaxing process.
    4. Avoid hair products. Before relaxing your hair, you’ll want to rid it of all unnatural oils, gels, and products. These products can make it hard for the hair stylist to comb through your hair and can also make you more susceptible to hair breakage.

    Strictly Styles Salon can accommodate hair of all types and help you get the look you want. But, of course, you need to cooperate with us for the best results. If you have any questions regarding your upcoming treatment, call our salon and speak to a hair stylist.

    3 Up and Coming Spa Trends to Focus on This Year

    beauty routineIt is safe to say that a spa is a great place to go to de-stress and relax. But, as a spa owner, did you know that spas are some of the best resources to learn about up and coming beauty routines and the different types of spa equipment? And while 88% of the spa market in North America is within the United States, the majority of these new beauty trends are coming from overseas. Lucky for you, we have compiled some of the newest, most unique spa and beauty trends that are on our radar for 2017, so your spa will have the best to offer for your clients!


    A person’s chakra is the center of their spiritual body. According to ancient Indian practices, there are typically seven bodily chakras, and many spas have been implementing classes to restore, heal, and develop these feelings of well-being. You can have chakra specialists teach classes that will restore and rejuvenate different chakras depending on each patient’s needs while being accompanied by a full body massage.


    Who doesn’t like chocolate? This deeply satisfying treat is chock full of antioxidants that are especially beneficial for anti aging beauty routines. Chocolate will help to firm, hydrate, and even tone a patient’s skin while giving off an aroma that is good enough to eat! There are plenty of ways you can implement this into your salon, including chocolate scrubs, body wraps, and facial masks.

    Farm to table

    Within the past few years, organic ingredients have become all the rage for anything from diets to skin care routines. Clients love to know exactly what kind of ingredients go into the products they are using, so having specific farm to table treatments will be sure to impress. Not sure what to use? Is your geographic location known for a specific crop or food product such as olive oil or wine? See if you can source some of these ingredients to make a scrub, moisturizer, or even face wash to stand out!

    A spa is the best place for customers to come in and educate themselves with the best up and coming beauty trends. With these three ideas in mind, your spa is sure to stand out!