3 Up and Coming Spa Trends to Focus on This Year

beauty routineIt is safe to say that a spa is a great place to go to de-stress and relax. But, as a spa owner, did you know that spas are some of the best resources to learn about up and coming beauty routines and the different types of spa equipment? And while 88% of the spa market in North America is within the United States, the majority of these new beauty trends are coming from overseas. Lucky for you, we have compiled some of the newest, most unique spa and beauty trends that are on our radar for 2017, so your spa will have the best to offer for your clients!


A person’s chakra is the center of their spiritual body. According to ancient Indian practices, there are typically seven bodily chakras, and many spas have been implementing classes to restore, heal, and develop these feelings of well-being. You can have chakra specialists teach classes that will restore and rejuvenate different chakras depending on each patient’s needs while being accompanied by a full body massage.


Who doesn’t like chocolate? This deeply satisfying treat is chock full of antioxidants that are especially beneficial for anti aging beauty routines. Chocolate will help to firm, hydrate, and even tone a patient’s skin while giving off an aroma that is good enough to eat! There are plenty of ways you can implement this into your salon, including chocolate scrubs, body wraps, and facial masks.

Farm to table

Within the past few years, organic ingredients have become all the rage for anything from diets to skin care routines. Clients love to know exactly what kind of ingredients go into the products they are using, so having specific farm to table treatments will be sure to impress. Not sure what to use? Is your geographic location known for a specific crop or food product such as olive oil or wine? See if you can source some of these ingredients to make a scrub, moisturizer, or even face wash to stand out!

A spa is the best place for customers to come in and educate themselves with the best up and coming beauty trends. With these three ideas in mind, your spa is sure to stand out!

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