Having Trouble Hearing Clearly? You May Need Hearing Aids

The past two years have for obvious reasons been bad for the health of millions of Americans. However, it has actually been a good time for anyone who is hearing impaired. It was during this period that a number of new hearing aids were introduced to help those with listening problems. In the video, audiology specialist Cliff Olson noted that hearing aids have different cost levels that determine their technological abilities and that costs can also be affected by outside factors.

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Considering the costs, he recommended these six new types of hearing aids:

1) The Starkey brand, which can be useful for those under the care of others.

2) Phonak Paradise, which has several features, including voice assistance.

3) ReSound, which actually places a microphone inside the ear.

4) Oticon More, capable of filtering out sounds in noisy settings.

5) Widex MOMENT, with a system designed to reduce noise distortion.

6) Signia Styletto X, considered the best of the new hearing aids and capable of streaming from a smartphone.

It was emphasized that those who need hearing assistance should seek the services of professionals in the field to determine their specific requirements.


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