Making the Best Choice for Hairline Surgery or Other Treatments

With so many options available for hair transplants and hair replacement treatments, it can be completed both surgically and in easier methods. You may ask whether hairline surgery is right for you, but that is only something that you can decide. So, what is the best choice for hairline surgery? Obviously, there is the hair transplant (including many different types of transplants), especially with each patient having the need for different amounts of hair replacement. It is always best to find a hair clinic close to you, talk to your doctor, and then determine the best option to meet your needs.

Hair Loss Throughout the United States

Most commonly we have the issues of thinning hair and male pattern baldness, while there are other problems with hair loss in our country. It is most common in men, but many women face thinning hair and hair loss as well, especially in relation to other medical issues. Therefore, hairline surgery may be an option for millions of people, though not everyone who is losing their hair may be able to take advantage of surgery. Some of the people who most commonly experience hair loss include:

  1. By age 35 at least 60% of men face hair loss, and by 50 that number increases to at least 85%.
  2. About 82% of those facing hair loss have arrived there from genetic issues.
  3. Roughly 35 million American men face some sort of hair loss at any one time.
  4. Before baldness becomes visible, about half of a full head of hair will already be gone.


Hairline Surgery, Hair Transplant, and Hair Replacement

With these three options, there are still many more ways to help replace hair that has been lost over time. Many times it can be done in advance of extreme hair loss, whether it is hairline surgery or a hair transplant procedure. No matter what you want to do in order to replace hair, it is important to find the best hair transplant for your needs. Many different hair restoration treatments are available that don’t necessarily require a procedure. With men being the patients most often suffering from hair loss, there is a greater need for male hair loss specialists in the United States. A number of treatment options do not require surgery or incisions of any type, but can still be a little costly and time-consuming in order to provide quality results.

FUE Transplant Procedure

Another surgical hair replacement option is the FUE transplant. This one takes about eight hours to complete but can take up to about five days to heal afterward. Recovery time depends on skin type as well as the number of scars that need to heal, but these individual grafts of skin with hair are more likely to last longer.

The FUSS Procedure

Another recent procedure is the FUSS procedure, which is even more invasive than the FUE procedure. It tends to leave greater scars and requires longer recovery time, but is still reliable in the long run. While the FUSS procedure limits the ability to graft or pull the scalp in future procedures, it is important to be the final determination that another procedure will not be needed in the future.

With all of these and many more options, there is much to consider with the ability to replace or transplant hair that is slowly fading away. While balding may come on quickly there may need to be a fast decision made with your doctor at the hair clinic, so if you are in need of a change an appointment made in the near future could be essential.

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