Urgent Care is Here to Stay 4 Reasons Why

Urgent care centers are becoming more and more popular, but just like the stand alone emergency room options, many could find themselves wondering if these centers are actually affordable, available and all that they are cut out to be. No one wants to get excited about finding an alternative to traditional hospital type emergency rooms, just to find out that the alternative is no longer around in a couple of years. Urgent care centers have shown to be beneficial and have shown to help consumers, making them a viable alternative that’s sure to last a while. Read the benefits of choosing the nearest urgent care facility below.


The availability of those performing a search wondering where is the nearest urgent care center, where is urgent care near me or urgent care services near me have a good reason for wondering and searching this information. According to the Urgent Care Association of America, in an entire week there are approximately three million visits to an urgent care center. This means that the services are obviously helpful and useful, meeting a need that consumers have. Those determining where is the urgent care center should also read reviews posted to ensure that others have had a successful visit to the center before they go.

Pediatric Care

Everyone knows that children don’t get sick on our time, they get sick on their time. If they get sick after the hours that their normal pediatrician is open, then parents could find themselves trying to determine whether searching where is the nearest urgent care center is a better option over searching where is the closest emergency room. Many urgent care facilities provide care to pediatrics helping ease parents mind while saving them money and saving them time. An average of six to 10 colds are caught each year by children, however determining the difference between a cold and something more serious could leave parents confused. Urgent care centers can help diagnose and treat your little one’s condition, whether it is the common cold or something worse.

Save Time

No one wants to spend their evening after work sitting in the emergency room. This can make for a stressful evening to add to an already stressful event concerning injury or sickness. When searching and considering where is the nearest urgent care center most individuals are hoping to spend less time than they would sitting in an emergency room, and most of the time this is true. Approximately 60% of all centers providing urgent care require patients to wait less than 15 minutes in order to see a physician and 65% of those centers have a physician that patients have access to at all times while the center is open. This means patients can have significantly lower wait times to see the same type of doctor they would see at a traditional emergency room.

Treatment Options

Majority of urgent care facilities have the available staff and tools to treat most of the conditions that traditional emergency rooms see on a regular basis. In fact up to 65% of all total visits to the emergency room could’ve been successfully treated in an urgent care facility. This helps ease the minds of those determining whether to visit an urgent care center or a traditional emergency room. Knowing this information makes many individuals more comfortable searching information pertaining to where is the nearest urgent care center, rather than running straight to the emergency room.

As you can easily see urgent care centers have shown their benefit, and shown that they are here to stay. Utilizing the benefits these centers have to offer can help ease stress and save you money. Always call the center first to ensure that they can treat the condition you are going for. Also be sure to check the online check in process as they can differ. A simple phone call can sometimes be beneficial as well in determining whether the online check in process would be better, or simply walking in would be better. Sometimes the waiting room is empty, meaning if patients just come in, their wait could still end up being significantly shorter than that of visiting the nearest emergency room.

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