5 Signs You Should Head to Your Nearest Urgent Care

It isn’t always easy to make the call on whether you should go to a hospital, urgent care, make a doctor’s appointment, or just tough it out at home. These situations can vary case by case, and if you are ever in a life-threatening situation do not hesitate to reach out to 911. That being said, here are some signs you may want to go to the nearest urgent care clinic, talk to a doctor and get some medical care.

1. Minor Broken Bone

If you know, or even suspect, that you’ve broken a bone such as your finger, toe or wrist, a trip to urgent care may be just what you need. The doctor there should be able to take care of minor broken bones, sprains and similar injuries. It’s important that these get taken care of as soon as possible, but in the case of minor injuries, urgent care should be perfectly fine.

2. Rash, Including Poison Ivy

If you develop a rash that won’t go away after around 5 days, you may want to get into urgent care and have it checked out. Same applies to poison ivy, except if it’s severe enough, you’ll want to get it checked out as soon as possible. Most urgent care facilities are open seven days a week and are walk-in.

3. Persistent Back Pain

If you pulled a muscle or hurt your back in some other way, and the pain hasn’t persisted, visit your local urgent care to have it looked at, as it may require medical attention. Most times, some rest should do the trick, but in cases where it won’t go away, don’t hesitate to long to make the trip.

4. Flu-Like Symptoms

If you suspect you may be getting the flu, urgent care is the best bet to head off your symptoms early. If you can catch the sickness in its early stages, you may be able to avoid the worst of it, and stop the virus from spread to your family, friends, co-workers and classmates. Additionally, if symptoms do get worse and you feel like it is necessary, check yourself into the hospital!

5. Urinary Tract Infection

A urinary tract infection, or UTI, can be treated at urgent care rather than the emergency room, probably saving you lots of time and money if you’re unlucky enough to have to deal with it. Go talk to a doctor and they’ll be able to get you on the path to recovery in no time.

So that’s that. 5 illnesses or symptoms that can be taken care of at your local urgent care center. Remember that it’s hard to pinpoint how serious an illness is without talking to a doctor, so don’t wait too long!

If you have any other tips or thoughts on the topic, share them with us in the comments below. Have a great day, and stay healthy!

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