4 Ways To Prevent or Reverse Sun Damage to Your Skin

Spending time outside is supposed to be a significant part of our daily routine, especially in the summer. When the sun is shining and the weather is warm, who doesn’t feel like packing up the car and hitting the nearest beach, however far it may be? But there is a danger associated with this outdoor activity time that many people don’t consider: sun damage. Over time, and repeated exposure to the sun, our skin can become wrinkled, dry and even splotchy.

Around the world, sun damage is an extremely common phenomenon. Thankfully, there are measures that can be taken to both prevent and reverse sun damage for all skin types. Though there’s never one surefire answer when it comes to caring for your skin, there are things that can be done to help. From getting a hydrafacial to regularly wearing some form of sunscreen, here are our tips for your skin health.

1. Hydrafacial

A hydrafacial is a skin treatment process consisting of several steps intended to give you clearer, softer skin. It’s a cutting edge process completed over one session, using a hydrafacial machine, that both removes dry, dead skin and exfoliates the pores on your face. Compared to something like a chemical peel, a hydrafacial is meant to be much less abrasive and acidic, making it a better option for many people with more sensitive skin.

It’s quick, inexpensive and painless! Other than some potential irritation immediately following the procedure that some folks may experience, a hydrafacial is meant to not cause any pain or irritate your skin too much. The same can’t be said for many other types of similar treatments, so we say that this one is worth trying out.

2. A Trip to the Spa

If you really want to treat yourself, schedule a day trip to a spa or facial spa, either alone or with a close friends or two. Enjoy yourself, relax, and be pampered. The benefits of these simple, short trips can be immense. If you want to get glowing skin, a calm demeanor and inner peace for a few hours, we highly recommend a spa trip. In many spas, you can get specific treatments depending on your area of need, so if you’re concerned about your skin, let them know!

3. Healthy Living

It’s a wonder how much good living a healthy life can do for the rest of your body. From getting proper amounts of vitamin C, to getting regular exercise, normal health habits can improve your skin’s health by quite a lot. Make sure you’re eating enough veggies! Honestly, exercise can be difficult. So can eating healthy. People all around the world are dealing with mental health issues, stress from work or school, maybe illness or financial problems. These things can be barriers to living a healthy life, and not everyone is in the position to keep them at the forefront.

That being said, it’s important to do what you can. Living healthy will have so many benefits, from your skin to your mental health. So next time you’re at the grocery store, grab a few more items from the produce section and skip over the salty snacks aisle, if you can. You’ll thank yourself later! And if you’ve got some free time on a Tuesday night, go for a walk and listen to your favorite podcast.

4. At-Home Remedies

As with most maladies and irritations, there are a number of natural remedies that can be made using items most have at home, or easily available with a trip to the closest supermarket. The mileage on these may vary. According to some, they work magnificently. There isn’t always science to back it up (though sometimes there is!), but if it works for you, then does it matter?

Cucumber is a big one that is quite common. Rub some on your skin to absorb the moisture and vitamin C, and it’ll help you get cleared up. Other recommendations include lemon, oatmeal, turmeric and papaya.

So those are our tips! What do you think? Have any other skincare recommendations? Share your thoughts with us down below, and have a great day!

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