Looking for a Fun Form of Exercise for Your Children? Install a Backyard Batting Cage!

Champion batting cages

Since you want to ensure that your children are physically active, you may have been thinking about different types of sports that they can enjoy playing with friends and family. Children that play sports when they’re young usually continue to actively pursue sports into their 20s, which is a definite plus.

Furthermore, sports assist children with developing and enhancing a variety of qualities and skills. A 2015 survey conducted with parents showed they believed sports assisted their children with developing valuable skills, learning important life lessons, and having meaningful experiences:

  • Physical health: 88%
  • Giving the child something to do: 83%
  • Teaching discipline and dedication: 81%
  • Teaching how to get along with others: 78%
  • Mental health: 73%
  • Social life: 65%

Baseball and softball, for example, are both popular sports in the United States. There were 13.46 million people that played these games during the spring of 2016 alone. The Athletic Footwear Association conducted a recent survey that found 65% of youth athletes played sports in order to spend more time with their friends. It’s interesting to note that 71% of these youths just enjoyed playing sports and didn’t care about keeping score.

If you would like to see your children enjoying sports with their friends, consider the benefits of home batting cages. When you put in backyard batting cages, your house may be the favorite hangout spot in the neighborhood, too. All you’ll need is a batting cage frame, batting cage netting, and a good supply of bats, baseballs, or softballs, of course.

In addition to providing hours of fun and exercise for your children and their friends, home batting cages also provide a healthy form of entertainment. Be sure to discuss safety issues with your children and their friends, too. When at its swing peak, for example, a baseball bat has the potential to travel up to 80 miles per hour. Furthermore, you want to make sure that the sports netting material is secure so that all those balls don’t end up in the street, the neighbors’ yards, or headed on a collision course for your windows.

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