The Future of Health Turning on Your Screen

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The world is changing. It is growing smaller, more connected, more efficient. And with these changes come significant improvements in vital areas, such as healthcare. As advances in technology propel us into the future and continue to expand imaginations and possibilities like never before, we are able to more effectively connect those in need of help to those with the capabilities to provide that help. Among these positive connections in the medical field is the HIPAA compliant video conferencing software, an aide for those seeking help but who might be less mobile or unable to physically get to a doctor’s office or therapy session, for any number of reasons.

What exactly is HIPAA compliant video conferencing software?
Yes, the world is becoming smaller. But that doesn’t mean that everyone has access to a working vehicle or reliable transportation. With video conferencing now a regular part of everyday business, telemedicine trends and technologies have exploded on the mental health scene. Telemedicine video conferencing solutions allow doctors, therapists, or psychologists and patients to connect online, which is critical for those patients who cannot get to their mental health provider in person. HIPAA compliant video conferencing software ensures that telemental health guidelines are met. HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and it lays out the standard that should be met in regards to the protection of patient data that is sensitive in nature. It is necessary for every company that handles protected health information, or PHI, to guarantee the proper security measures are executed and followed as required.

Improving the medical world one screen at a time
It makes sense, when you think about it. Why wouldn’t we utilize our improving technology in order to better the overall health and the lives of as many people as possible? What is the point of all of our incredible technological advancements as a species if we don’t apply it where it matters most? It has been estimated that telemedicine could quite possibly save upwards of $6 billion every single year within the healthcare system and for companies within the United States. And those are not the only positive projections. Of those Americans polled, 64% admitted that they would be willing to try out a visit to the doctor by way of video. One online therapy trial showed that individuals were averaging about six sessions each and a promising 73% of them rebooked with the same therapist. And of the healthcare professionals and executives surveyed, a very telling 89% of them said that they believe that telehealth services will completely revamp the healthcare system in the United States over the next decade, and a transformed healthcare system is indeed something that we are in desperate need of.

The field of telemedicine is growing successfully, which should come as no surprise. At this rate, the number of individuals who become patients of telehealth services will grow from the meager 350,000 of 2013 to around 7 million by 2018. Connecting people for the betterment of all is the best possible use of the technology we continue to improve.

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