Don’t Skip This One Important Piece of Coverage for Your Healthy Lifestyle

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To understand why health insurance plans are so essential, it?s important to understand the environment in which many Alabamians live and work. Medicare supplement insurance plans in the state of Alabama are vital for any Alabama individual or family trying to live a healthy lifestyle — including staying active, eating nutritious foods, and practicing good preventative care.

State Population
The median household income in Alabama, as of 2014, is just $42,278. For the individuals over age 65 who make up 15% of the state?s population, this income is often lower, making it even more difficult to afford medical expenses. Despite the high deductibles and premiums that accompany many insurance plans (including Medicare), only 896,000 Alabama residents take advantage of supplemental insurance plans for Medicare.

Preventative Care
Preventative care options are very important, especially for the aging residents of Alabama. Something as simple as getting an annual flu shot can make a huge difference in an individual?s overall health. Nearly three out of four (70.6%) Alabama residents over the age of 65 receive a flu shot each year, and two in every three (67.1%) residents over 65 have received a pneumococcal vaccine.

Chronic Diseases
According to the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH), the top three causes of death in the state are heart disease (which accounts for 257.6 deaths in every 1,000 deaths in Alabama), cancer (accounting for 213.7 deaths out of every 1,000); and stroke (accounting for 53.6 deaths out of every 1,000). Although these chronic conditions can?t always be treated, early detection and adequate medical intervention is imperative for ensuring that every individual lives life to the fullest.

Health Coverage
Medicare health insurance plans are incredibly important for Alabama residents trying to live a healthy lifestyle, and Medicare supplement plans — otherwise known as Medigap plans — are just as important. According to 2012 data from The Kaiser Family Foundation, there were over 880,000 Medicare beneficiaries in Alabama alone, making up around 18% of the state’s total population. Chances are, if you live in Alabama but you aren’t receiving health insurance through the Medicare program, then you probably know someone else who is!

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