Popular Examples of Chronic Conditions

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Injury and pain is something unfortunately every American must go through. By 2030, experts estimate that six out of 10 Baby Boomers will be managing a chronic condition. But what classifies as a chronic condition? Here are some examples and how to treat them.

What is a chronic condition?

A chronic condition is an ailment that is persistent and long-lasting in its effects. This can mean that the disease will become worse with time, and typically is labeled as chronic when the illness lasts for longer than three months.


Dizziness is the feeling of being light-headed, and unbalanced. It is a symptom of many disorders including low blood sugar, inner ear infections, or low blood pressure. Also dizziness can come from loosing a lot of blood, dehydration, and heat stroke. If any of these symptoms persist, medical help may be needed so head over to your nearest walk in clinic.

Doctors at urgent care are experts at caring for dizziness, as dizziness is the second most common complain heard in a doctors office.

Back pain

The majority of Americans–up to 69%– suffer from chronic back pain and report that it affects their daily lives. As your back supports your entire body, back pain can stem from simple things as reaching for something, bad posture, sedentary typing, or even stress.

If you are experiencing back pain, going to a walk in urgent care clinic can be a convenient option. You will not have to wait in long lines to get an x-ray, and doctors will be able to prescribe to you pain killers if necessary that will help you feel better right away. They may even be able to recommend a physical therapist for physical therapy as well.


No matter if it is an ankle sprain, a wrist fracture, or a stretched ligament in your finger the experts at any walk in urgent care will be able to attend to your needs efficiently and quickly. Who wants to go into the emergency room if you can avoid it? Walk in clinics are also available within extended hours in case you injure yourself at a time where the emergency room will be exceptionally busy.

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