Ways to Guard Against EMF Waves

Emf radiation protection

If you are familiar at all with EMF waves and laptop radiation as well as microwave radiation and all of the things that give off these harmful electromagnetic field rays, then you might also understand the importance of investing in EMF blockers and shields. EMF waves affect many different systems in our body as well as the pH levels lowering immune systems and hacking into nervous systems causing anxiety and panic among another number of physical health hazards. You don’t have to settle for the fact that EMF waves are all around us and there is nothing that you can do about it. There is! Here are a few unconventional ways to protect yourself from laptop radiation or other types of EMF waves:

EMF Protection Jewelry
There are pendants and different accessories that you can buy that offer a force field around your body in order to keep out harmful rays. They actually repel these waves away from your body as you go about your day to day activities. If you constantly have a phone to your ear or a computer in front of you, they may have a hard time repelling laptop radiation or cell phone waves because of the constant fight it would have to put up but it is definitely better than having no protection at all for yourself. These EMF protection necklaces are good to put on children as well, as long as they aren’t young enough to make it a choking hazard. Children are much more susceptible to EMF waves so have them wear a pendant to ward off the rays is a great way to put your mind at ease.

Walking Barefoot
Science has actually proven that walking barefoot on natural surfaces can restore the alkaline pH balance in our bodies. Alkaline is one of the things that is lowered in our bodies when they become infected by EMF waves so as much as possible, walk barefoot on the grass or out to check the mail, if the sidewalk isn’t too hot. This will help immensely in restoring your body to normal if you find that the other shields and protection barriers are not conducive to your lifestyle. If you have a yard, it’s a great idea to let the children run around barefoot back there. Of course, they must be careful not to step on anything hurtful but if you know that you are going to allow them to do that, you can pay better attention to your yard and make sure that you clean up often and upkeep the grass so that nothing can harm the children.

Avoid Appliances
Of course, the ultimate way to avoid EMF rays is to not use electrical appliances at all. Many people do without microwaves and coffee machines and cell phone and even laptops. You could even get rid of the Wi-Fi and if you need to use the internet, visit your local library or a coffee shop that offers Wi-Fi. Living without appliances is not as difficult as it may sound at first. There are many people that do it and not all are Amish! You have to remember that your health and the well being of your family should take priority over the conveniences of life. This will help you to prioritize things and probably get rid of a lot, if not all of the electrical appliances that are clouding up your life.

Window Shields
If you have chosen to have an electrical free home to keep your family safe, the next problem comes from the neighbors. If they have not chosen the same life style, their EMF waves could be coming through your windows and open doors. The way to solve this is to simply invest in some EMF window shields. Most windows have screens on them anyway so just replace those with an EMF blocker screen and you can feel free to leave your windows open and let the fresh air in without fear of your electronic free home being invaded by this hazardous rays.

There are some other great ideas for keeping out these harmful rays that come from laptop radiation and others that are available if you do the research but these are a few just to get you started.

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