Bikini Season is Dangerous! Put Down the Razor and Go for Lasers!

Sun spot removal

It is beach season. With that comes the need for us all to look as fantastic as possible when we are hanging out on the sands or catching some rays poolside. I do not look forward to having to shave a couple times a week just so I can look good in my bikini. Eventually I got so fed up with the whole thing that I didn’t even want to go to the beach anymore. Then my friend told me that her mom is a professional in laser spot removal and laser hair removal.

Laser spot removal is a procedure using a laser to remove age spots on your face or elsewhere. I am a long way from needing that since I am only 24, but the idea of skin laser hair removal really struck me. I remember thinking that I had been shaving for eight years of my life and no one ever mentioned there were dermatological procedures available to avoid the issue completely. I felt so betrayed!

At any rate, I started doing research on the cost of laser hair removal and its methods. I found that the procedure was not as frightening as it was in my head. Using WebMD, I found that pulsating beams of light, lasers, were shot into the skin of the target area where they destroy the hair follicle. Apparently many people experience permanent hair loss in three to five sessions though that varies depending on skin type and ethnic background.

I wanted to make sure that if I was going to have this procedure done that it was not going to be some quack wielding a laser haphazardly around my exposed body. Add to that the fact that in my area each session costs around 200 dollars. I wanted to find someone who could do it right.

Continuing my research, I found that only licensed professionals or the people operating under their supervision were allowed to perform this procedure. No matter what they are doing, be it laser spot removal or hair removal, each and every one of these people would have the highest training, certification, and license informing their actions, according to Ideal Image.

There are risks that go along with this procedure. Some temporary discomfort and skin discoloration can occur. These things usually go away quite quickly. According to the Mayo Clinic, in extreme cases some burning or scarring may occur. However, these things rarely happen. Clinic professionals often provide their patients with salves and special creams to mitigate any issues that may occur.

If you are looking into laser spot removal or hair removal to help show off your beach body this summer just keep these things in mind. Price varies based on location as does the experience of the service providers. Do your research and be safe. Most importantly, be sure to enjoy your summer!


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