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What to Do About Chronic Back or Spine Pain

The human skeleton is practically unique in the animal kingdom, as human beings are designed for a lifetime of upright and bipedal movement. This reflects in our long and tough leg bones ,upright and bowl-shaped pelvis, and most of all, our S-shaped spine. This gave primitive humanity many advantages in the wild, though this body shape is not without cost. A lifetime of walking upright will put strain on the spine and back muscles, as the human spine must fight gravity more acutely than any other animal species. Even today, many millions of people around the world suffer from chronic pain in their spine or back, and that includes the United States, too. The good news is that anyone suffering from back pain may approach a variety of experts who can help them, such as visiting their doctor or going to a pain clinic for guidance. At a hospital, physical assessment software, rehab tools, and muscle strength testing equipment may measure a patient’s recovery, while chiropractors and even yo

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