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Are You Soon to Have Another Child in Your Family

You have been a little quiet about some of your latest symptoms because you do not want to whine about this pregnancy. You feel so blessed by the miracle baby girl growing in your tummy that you know that every tough and hard part of pregnancy this is worth it.
The last several weeks, however, you and your doctor have been battling with your blood pressure, trying to keep it at a safe and healthy level for both you and the baby. It was not until this Monday afternoon, in fact, that you were cleared to travel this week. You spent the first day of your sales conference in the hotel room resting and trying to hydrate. After several hours you felt ready to head across the street to meet up with colleagues and get checked in.
Fewer than 45 minutes of being out and about, however, you had a sudden splitting headache. You headed back to your room to take my blood pressure and had a scary reading. After calling you OB she asked you to go right to an emergency room.
You are so thank

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