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    Popular Examples of Chronic Conditions

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    Injury and pain is something unfortunately every American must go through. By 2030, experts estimate that six out of 10 Baby Boomers will be managing a chronic condition. But what classifies as a chronic condition? Here are some examples and how to treat them.

    What is a chronic condition?

    A chronic condition is an ailment that is persistent and long-lasting in its effects. This can mean that the disease will become worse with time, and typically is labeled as chronic when the illness lasts for longer than three months.


    Dizziness is the feeling of being light-headed, and unbalanced. It is a symptom of many disorders including low blood sugar, inner ear infections, or low blood pressure. Also dizziness can come from loosing a lot of

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    Ibogaine Clinics The Truth About Confronting Your Addiction

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    Addiction is a nasty thing — more than nasty, really. It can destroy a person’s life and those of the people close to them. It can come in many forms, from alcohol addiction to addiction to illegal drugs, and even addiction to prescription medications. But perhaps the worst thing about addiction is that it’s deeply misunderstood. Addicts are often treated like pariahs or failures. This is the last thing that society should do, and it certainly doesn’t help addicts in any way. In fact, addiction is a real disease. Oftentimes, addicts even inherit a propensity for addiction, making it difficult for them to avoid addiction problems in the first place. Whether it’s you or someone you love struggling with addiction — whether the addiction in question is opiate addiction or Read more ...

    Don’t Skip This One Important Piece of Coverage for Your Healthy Lifestyle

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    To understand why health insurance plans are so essential, it?s important to understand the environment in which many Alabamians live and work. Medicare supplement insurance plans in the state of Alabama are vital for any Alabama individual or family trying to live a healthy lifestyle — including staying active, eating nutritious foods, and practicing good preventative care.

    State Population
    The median household income in Alabama, as of 2014, is just $42,278. For the individuals over age 65 who make up 15% of the state?s population, this income is often lower,

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    The Future of Health Turning on Your Screen

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    The world is changing. It is growing smaller, more connected, more efficient. And with these changes come significant improvements in vital areas, such as healthcare. As advances in technology propel us into the future and continue to expand imaginations and possibilities like never before, we are able to more effectively connect those in need of help to those with the capabilities to provide that help. Among these positive connections in the medical field is the HIPAA compliant video conferencing software, an aide for those seeking help but who might be less mobile or unable to physically get to a doctor’s office or therapy session, for any number of reasons.

    What exactly is HIPAA compliant video conferencing software?
    Yes, the world is becoming smaller.

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    How a Urgent Walk In Clinic Can Save You Time and Money

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    It is likely that you have visited your primary care doctors office for something you felt was a waste of an office visit. You are forced to make an appointment, sometimes during your work or school time. You then must wait, sometimes for a lengthy time to be called into the back for even more waiting. Then, your entire office visit takes just a couple of minutes, where you are charged an entire office visit, similar to one if you really needed the doctor?s consultation. The entire process can be frustrating and fortunately, there is a better option. A walk in clinic provides many of the same services that your regular doctor does, except the wait time is shorter and the costs are often a little cheaper.

    A walk in clinic does not require an appointment prior to a visit. This is usually much more conven

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