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    4 Steps to Getting Your Summer Body

    Weight loss centers

    With spring just around the corner, it means that summer is just around the block. And for many people, this information is regarded with dread. Why? They never got a chance to start sculpting their ultimate beach body. Sure, they made a resolution or two to look and be their best in 2016. But alas, three months have passed and they still find themselves indulging in their favorite treats on a daily basis and are failing to exercise.
    Luckily, it’s never too late to start getting into shape. In fact, weight loss is actually a lot simpler than many people realize. Don’t believe us? To prove it, we’ve provided 4 simple ways that you can achieve a bikini-ready body come summertime.

    1. Hydrate
      While this does sound simplistic, water really is so important to the body’s overall w

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    Are Our Children Exposed to Harmful Radiation?

    Emf protection for cordless phones

    We live in a world of conveniences. Things that would have been considered science fiction or wishful thinking 150 years ago are now taken for granted in the U.S.: indoor plumbing; large appliances that keep our food cold or can cook it in minutes; and especially information at the click of a few buttons, sometimes on devices we can carry in our pockets. But is there an unseen price we pay for these conveniences?

    The Invisible Force In Your Life.

    Any small or large appliance that needs electricity to run gives off energy waves, or emits electromagnetic radiation. This happens because agitating atoms with electrical energy causes electrons within the atoms to be displaced. When the electron moves back to its original position of orbit within an atom, it emits an elec

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