What is a Private MRI Scan Entail?

Prenovo offers full-body MRI scans that can determine whether you have up to 500 different health issues. They are only typically used when there is reason to think there are medical issues taking place, such as those that have family-medical histories that may make them susceptible to the disease. This video is going to show how the scan works and what to expect should your physician suggest a private MRI scan.

The Prenovo MRI scan is one of the most advanced testing processes currently available.

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Many people are hesitant to get a full-body scan because it takes time, and can be uncomfortable. During these scans the patient must stay still during the entire time. Those that suffer from claustrophobia have also had issues from being in the MRI tube for at least an hour, which is the amount of time it takes to complete the test.
Many providers of Prenovo scanners do everything they can to lessen the patient’s anxiety. Many offer headphones and TV programs that can be watched during the process.

Some state that the most difficult part of the screening process is staying perfectly still. To help patients maintain their stillness, pads are placed on the chest and legs and sandbags are used along the sides to prevent movement. In case of extreme discomfort or claustrophobia, the patient has a button they can press to get medical assistance.

Not everyone needs access to this medical practice, but the medical community has created the Prenovo MRI scan to provide an added level of comfort for patients.

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