What Its Like to Be an Oral Surgeon

In the video, you’ll get an insider’s view of oral surgery guided by a seasoned practitioner. This oral surgeon takes us through a comprehensive journey across her practice, showcasing various procedures from wisdom teeth extractions to facial rejuvenation. What stands out is her dedication to personalized care.

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Consultations are key, where she delves into each patient’s medical history and concerns before charting a treatment course.

The intimacy of maxillofacial surgery and patients’ anxieties come into focus during the walkthrough. The surgeon stresses the importance of anesthesia, acknowledging and easing the fears of those undergoing procedures. The technology used, such as the cone beam CT scanner, plays a critical role, offering precise 3D imagery for accurate diagnoses and treatment planning.

Her journey, rooted in dedication and fueled by a commitment to excellence, resonates deeply with aspiring professionals, illustrating the diverse pathways one can navigate within the realm of dentistry. Her pivot from general dentistry in the U.S. Air Force to specializing in the complexities of oral and maxillofacial surgery speaks volumes about her adaptability and passion for serving diverse patient needs. This immersive experience not only sheds light on clinical procedures but also accentuates the practice’s emphasis on facial aesthetic treatments, demonstrating a comprehensive and patient-centric approach that transcends mere treatment to encompass overall wellness.

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