Different Businesses Making Money with Digital Marketing

Companies have to use digital marketing if they want to remain competitive with other companies in their industry today. There is no getting around the fact that digital marketing is part of the overall marketing landscape, and the more a company focuses its energies on it, the better it will do in the long run. Digital marketing is not only a great way to reach a mass of people, but it is also an excellent way to reach different types of people. After all, not everyone has cable television or listens to the radio, but almost everyone gets on the Internet on a regular basis. If they are going to be on the Internet anyway, then you might as well reach out to them to get their eyes focused on what you are trying to sell them. We want to look at some different types of companies that use digital marketing to make an impact.

Need A Roof?

A roofing company might not seem like a natural fit to be all that interested in digital marketing, but they actually are. What people fail to see about roofing companies sometimes is the fact that they rely heavily on word-of-mouth marketing to get people to check out their website. Yes, you might first hear about a roofing company from someone that you know and trust in your life, but you are not going to get the real information that you need until you go to check out the website of a roofing company that you are considering hiring. Their website is where you can book an appointment, check out their quotes, and see some of the past work that they have done for other clients. Most people would say that this is well worth the time and effort that you put into it. After all, you are never going to know what these companies are truly capable of until you check out what they have managed to do for their clients from the past. To get that information you will have to see their website.

Roofing companies need to invest heavily in social media advertising in particular. This is where people might go to discuss their roofing needs, so it just makes sense that the roofing companies would want to put their money into those types of ads. If you can slide in an ad in front of someone who is already discussing their roofing needs on social media, then you stand a pretty good chance of nabbing that business.

Pool Companies

An inground pool contractor will need to do all that he or she can to gin up as much business as possible in the limited window of time they have when people are looking at pools in the first place. There is a very limited window when people would consider getting pool equipment or when they would even think about pools at all. That time is the summer season, of course. That is when people have these types of thoughts on their minds, so you need to act quickly while they are in the mood to look at getting a pool installed in the first place.

You don’t want to wait too long to get your website up and running and do some digital marketing. It is a great idea to try to advertise around other events that are occurring in the summer. Is there a news story about a parade or some other summer event coming up in the local area? It might be a good idea to try to get your advertisement in the story somewhere. You may have to pay a little extra to the local news site to get an ad that runs only seasonally, but it is well worth it if extra business is generated this way.

Cash For IT Hardware

Some companies are in the business of purchasing old goods from everyday people and reselling or repurposing them for themselves. When you see a ‘we pay cash IT hardware‘ company advertising online, you know that they are hitting their stride as far as marketing is going. Obviously, online advertising is the way of the future for a company like this. The kind of people who have spare IT hardware lying around that they might want to sell are definitely the same kinds of people who also spend a fair amount of time on the Internet. If you want to reach them, then you have no choice but to pitch them for your business via the Internet.

The companies that work in this industry are very cutthroat and competitive. You need to be prepared to advertise more heavily than some others in the industry will. If you are okay with putting in the extra time to get ads that create a genuine buzz around your company, then you are already doing the right things. If you do this, you should be able to find the people who want to sell IT equipment for cash in no time.

Cannabinoid Testing Lab: How They Can Get Business Online

The cannabis business is exploding in the United States as a number of states have legalized the recreational and medicinal use of cannabis within their borders. It is hardly any wonder that a cannabinoid testing facility is a growing business that needs to advertise online to let people know that they exist and that they are open for business. Even though the cannabis market is now legal in many areas, there is still a lot of hesitation among some to want to get involved with this industry at all. Many people simply still feel like they are doing something wrong by just considering the idea of potentially getting involved with cannabinoids or any of the industries that help support it.

It is truly unfortunate that so many people find themselves in this predicament because there is no reason to be concerned that you are going to get in trouble with cannabis as long as you are operating in a state where it has been legalized.

The companies that do operate in this business often need the product that is sent to them to be tested to ensure that it is of a high enough quality for them to sell. They need to know what strain the cannabis is from, and they need a real lab to do this work for them. Thus, a growing number of labs have sprung up across the United States. That is wonderful news, but we should try to remember that many of those labs are going to look nearly identical to a lot of people if they are not familiar with what to look for in this type of lab. Thus, they will see each lab as interchangeable, and that could leave this type of business in the dust to the competition if they don’t advertise heavily on the Internet to turn the spotlight on themselves. They need to shine a bright flashing light on themselves on the Internet to help those in the industry to know their name and what they do. Market on websites that discuss the legality of cannabis and the various different types of cannabis that are available on the market. That is the easiest way to grow a cannabinoid testing lab.

Pet Hospitals

When someone’s pet is sick, they need to know where the local pet hospitals are in their area, and they need to know where those places are very quickly. There is no time to delay when a pet is sick, and waiting around to figure out where the best hospitals are to help them out could be a safety issue for the pet very quickly. Thus, the animal hospitals that do the best job of marketing online are typically going to get the most business.

When a veterinarian and her staff set up pet hospital websites, they look to make as big of an impression on people who visit those websites as possible. They want to get those people to think about their experience at the pet hospital in a totally different light than they do right now. They need to know that the people there are caring, expertly trained, and will do everything within their power to make sure the pets they care for are safe and secure. It is a high-stakes job, and those who get into the profession tend to know that. However, the only way they can make a difference in the lives of the pets that they come to know is if they are given the space and time that they need to care for them. This means getting enough business through the doors, and that means advertising online so people know where to go when they need to have a sick pet cared for.

Get a Ride From the Airport

Getting from the airport to wherever it is that a person needs to go means picking up a ride in a car. Airport limousines are still the ride of choice for many people. Sure, people can choose to use an Uber car if they wish, but there is something a little more regal about taking a limousine to wherever it is that you are going. Besides that, clients will tend to be pretty impressed when they see that the company they are considering doing business with has hired a limousine to take them where they need to go.

Believe it or not, online advertising makes sense for this business as well. The companies that hire these cars don’t tend to know which companies are in the business of shuttling people from the airport to their hotels or meetings, but they know that they need to get a good one. If they type in ‘limo service’ and the name of the airport near where your limo service is located, then they should be able to find your name very easily. If that is not the case currently, then you need to rethink the way you are doing business. You might need to make some changes to draw in a bigger crowd and make a better impression. Most people simply go to select the first name that comes up when they search for a service near that airport, so you need to advertise away until your company’s name is the one that shows up.

Getting a Deck Built

People who might need boat deck building supplies are those who are wealthy enough and fortunate enough to have a boat themselves. Pitch to them via the Internet if you want to be the supplier of the supplies they need to build a deck. They may not even know where they need to go to look for things like this, but you can seriously help them out by upping your online advertising game to the point where they are unable to search for information about these supplies without finding information about the company. It is what people want to see when they go looking for services like this, so try to do your best to help them find the information they need.

Video Production You Can Afford

Video production for real estate is a very big deal. People are always looking for affordable real estate listing video production to help show off their properties in the best light possible. They want to make it clear to all who are interested that they are in the business of selling something that has a lot of class to it. This means that they need to offer the very best videos possible to show people that they are listing a property that has everything that one might want in it. You don’t get that kind of style for nothing, but you don’t have to fork over your entire savings to make it happen either. You just need to find the kind of company that has done this kind of work before, but that isn’t going to charge an excessive rate for it. A company that does all that and advertises online how they do it is the ideal choice for someone looking for quality video production.


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