Rapid COVID Tests What You Need to Know

This video discusses how the use of rapid COVID tests improves the health and wellness of your community. It’s important to make sure you utilize recommended personal protective equipment and adhere to local guidelines. Setting up an appointment for rapid COVID tests is incredibly easy, but there are also at-home testing options. Setting up an appointment will guarantee that your test results will be reliable, and will allow you to get advice and information from a medical professional.

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There are a few different types of rapid COVID tests, so be prepared for your sample to be collected via nasal or saliva swabbing. Typically, rapid COVID test results come back within 15 minutes. In the event that you receive a positive COVID-19 test result, you should be given information on how to care for yourself and keep others safe. Regardless of your result, it’s important to adhere to your community’s health and safety guidelines. This is especially true if you test negative but still have symptoms.

Preventing the spread of COVID-19 is an integral part of eliminating the virus. Continue to wear a mask and distance yourself from other people while in shared spaces. Staying healthy and keeping your community safe is easy when medical recommendations are followed.


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