DIY Fixer Upper Ideas to Make Your Home Safer

To own a house, you have the option of buying a new one or an old one and doing the necessary renovation and improvements. The efforts you make in keeping your home functional determine the services you will get from it. This also means the safety measures you consider for your comfort and your loved ones in the home. Here are the DIY fixer upper ideas that can help make your home safer.

Secure the Doors

You should be thorough with the efforts you put into making your home safer. Renovation and improvement projects you implement in your home should include securing your doors. You should understand that your doors are part of the security measures that can guarantee your safety. Most break-ins and burglary cases happen due to unsecured doors and entrances. As part of your DIY fixer upper ideas, ensure that you secure all your entrances. Secure your windows as they also provide the best routes for burglars to access your home and endanger your family.

When doing fixer-upper work such as plumbing repairs, including securing your doors as part of the project. To effectively secure your doors, consider quick reinforcements such as installing a deadbolt and adding a strike plate to the locks. It will also be easier to keep your home safe when you install and upgrade to smart locks. Smart locks are vital as you have passcodes that only you and your immediate family members can access and use. You also get notified in case of a break-in or burglary attempt. Seeking the help and intervention of the police becomes easier when you secure your doors with smart locks.

Light Up Your Landscape

Apart from preventing vandals and burglars from accessing your home, lighting up your landscape also helps prevent accidents that lead to severe injuries. Ensure that your home has ample outdoor lighting as much as you might have security lights installed. Lighting up your landscape is among the DIY fixer upper ideas you can comfortably implement with little help. You, however, need a plan, especially in a home with a larger compound or backyard. You need information and guidance on the best outdoor lighting designs that can work well in your home.

When you light up your landscape, you also complement your home cleaning efforts and make it attractive. Have a plan on the best areas to install the lights in your compound. When you consider working with a tree arborist to understand the best plants to incorporate with the outdoor lights, it will serve your interest. You should consider placing the lights around your front and backyards, near the garage, and along the pathways. You should also consider adding external lights on the outdoor structures, especially those near the fence. You should note that lighting up your landscape is also among the best ways to increase the market value of your home.

Add a Password to Your Wi-Fi Network

If one of the improvement projects you want to implement in your home is getting a Wi-Fi connection, ensure that you secure the network. When you have a secure network, you also protect your home and loved ones in the process. You should understand that your wireless network can be a doorway for people with malicious intentions to cause harm in your home. Adding a password to your Wi-Fi network remains one of the best DIY fixer upper ideas that will make your home safe. When you keep your home wireless network secure, you also keep personal and sensitive information safe.

Seek guidance from home wireless networks experts and find it easy to protect your loved ones. You also reduce the chances of break-ins with a strong and reliable passcode for your Wi-Fi network, especially if you are using smart locks in your home. When doing appliance repair services, have an expert check the security status of your wireless networks. The expert should help you secure your router, hide your home network, install anti-malware protection and use a firewall in your home. You won’t leave your home vulnerable to hackers with a protected and secured Wi-Fi network.

Eliminate Hiding Places

While trees and shrubs can make your home attractive and curb its appeal, they can also be the cause of danger and harm to you and your loved ones. You should note that burglars can find the best place to hide in those shrubs, making it easier to break into your house. Wild animals and disease-carrying pests also find the trees and shrubs the best place to hide. As one of the best DIY fixer upper ideas, ensure that you eliminate every possible hiding place in and around your home. This is important, especially if you have a house in a non-familiar neighborhood. You should also note that you make your home more visible and easy to keep safe when you eliminate hiding places.

You should start with trimming overhanging trees or branches over your roof. Apart from being a hiding place, the tree can also pose a danger to your house’s structural integrity. A tree can damage your structure, especially the roof, putting your family in danger. To avoid incurring roof repair costs, opt for tree trimming. You should also consider planting small flowers and shrubs in your home to avoid overgrowing and forming hiding places. You should also consider gardening and pest removal services to help eliminate possible hiding places in your home.

Add a Ramp to Your Entrance

Navigating your doorways with ease is also a way of making your home safer. It is important to make your home friendly and hospitable to everyone, including people living with a physical disability. It will be easier to avoid accidents and keep your loved ones safe when you consider adding ramps at the doorways and entrances. This is among the DIY fixer upper ideas that you can comfortably consider and make your home safer. When there is easy movement in and out of your house, you avoid costly accidents among your loved ones.

A safer home creates independence among its residents. When you add a ramp, you make your loved ones independent as they can move around easily without risking their lives. When doing overhead door repairs, ensure you add ramps at specific entry and exit points. It will also be possible to include your loved ones in outdoor activities when they find it safe and easy to move around. Apart from making it safer and easy to use wheelchairs, you can also move fragile items in and out of your house without the fear of accidents when you have ramps installed.

Give Your Garage a Makeover

To make your home safer, consider giving your garage a proper makeover. This is a space in your home that determines your safety and that of your belongings. Apart from providing shelter for your car, the garage also offers space for your tools and other stuff. When looking for DIY fixer upper ideas to make your home safer, start with improving your garage. You should consider adding more lights in the space, especially if you have kids around. You can move easily and carry out activities faster when you have a well-lit garage space.

As much as it is prudent to keep your tools in the garage, they can pose a danger to people who use the area. To avoid costly accidents, ensure that you install a safe box or add cabinets in the garage. With the right cabinets, you will find it easier to keep tools that can cause harm to your loved ones out of reach. You should also be keen on the garage door. Note that a safer home has a functional garage door. It is important to have your garage closed to prevent cases of theft and burglary in your home. However, the efforts put into making your garage door secure determines how safe your home and your belongings will be. When doing fixer-upper projects, you should include garage door repair services. Find and work with a reputable professional to fix and have a functional garage door in your home.

Keep Spare Keys in a Lock Box

You need keys to access your home. However, moving around with your keys can sometimes be a risky business. The chances of losing your keys or forgetting them in the office are higher, making it hard to access your home when you need to. It is important to find ways to keep your keys safe and in your reach and keep your home safer in return. Installing a lockbox should be in your mind when looking for DIY fixer upper ideas to keep your home safer. While most people opt to keep their spare keys in one of the flower pots outside their doors or under the doormats, this can be risky. This is a predictable trend that makes your home vulnerable to theft and burglary.

When you install a lockbox on one of your fence posts or in a hidden location within the compound, you will not have to worry about losing your keys. It will also be easier to carry out other activities within your home that require equipment rental when you have easy access to your house. With a lockbox, you have a safer place to keep your spare keys as they come with locks and passcodes that only you or your immediate family members know. A lockbox is also cheaper, making it cost-effective when doing fixer-upper projects for your house.

Add Rails to Your Patio or Deck

A patio or a deck is a good addition to your home, especially if you want comfort. When you consider installing a patio or a deck, you will also have a space that allows you and your family to interact outdoors and strengthen the bond. While there are several related benefits, your patio or deck can also be a danger to your home. The chances of people slipping, falling, and hurting themselves on the patio are higher, especially on rainy days. As one of the DIY upper fixer ideas, consider adding protective rails to your patio or deck.

With the right rails, it will be possible to allow your kids to play and use the patio with their friends as you are sure they are safe. Note that a secured patio also offers comfort, creating a space that your family can use whenever needed. Seek the services of a general contractor when installing the rails on your patio or deck. This is important as you will have a professional who will use the right materials for the rails and whose services guarantee safety. With such a professional, you will also access repair and maintenance services, making your patio and home safer and functional.

Give Your Bathroom a Makeover

Your bathroom is a commonly used but important space in your home. However, its relevance depends on your efforts to make it safer and more functional. When doing fixer-upper projects, ensure that you give your bathroom a proper makeover. You should note that renovating and improving your bathroom entails changing the shower heads and upgrading the toilets. You should develop an improvement plan that allows you to keep your bathroom and home safer for everyone. Replacing your bathroom lighting system should be among the DIY fixer upper ideas to implement. Work with an electrician to find and install lights that make your bathroom safe and comfortable for everyone.

You should also consider upgrading your bathroom flooring, especially if you have kids or senior citizens in your home. You don’t want your loved ones slipping and hurting themselves while using the bathroom. Seek professional help to find and install non-slippery flooring materials to make your home safer. You can also add a non-slip mat and make it safer for people to use the bathroom. You should also be keen on your water heating system as it determines the comfort your home gets. You should provide the needed heating repairs to prevent accidents and increase the safety and functionality of your bathroom and home.

Fixer-upper projects are vital for any person seeking to own a house. With the right renovations and improvements, making your home functional, safer, and long-lasting becomes possible. However, it is important to have information and guidance on some of the best DIY fixer upper ideas that will make your home functional and safer in the long run. The highlighted tips are vital and some of the best to consider when making your home comfortable and safer for everyone.

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