Whats the Difference Between Memory Care and Assisted Living?

Having a loved one living at one of the assisted living facilities in the area where you live can be a trying experience. Balancing their care and comfort with allowing them as much freedom and dignity as possible can be a hard line to walk. Ensuring they receive the best possible care is a critical part of taking care of an elderly loved one, and this includes their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Offering services such as memory care and assisted living can help residents maintain their quality of life.

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According to this YouTube video, memory care services focus on helping preserve mental functions and capacities. Improving memory, logic and reasoning, recall, and thought processes is critical for eldercare. Assisted living care involved a broader scope of services and includes things such as feeding and bathing assistance, help with medications, transportation services, and more focused and interventive care.

Finding assisted living facilities that can offer the full range of services that your loved one needs can be a challenging proposition. It can take time and a good bit of research to find the best facility that you can trust. However, ensuring your elderly family member gets the care he or she needs is always of the utmost importance!.

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