3 Major Benefits of CryoMega

Canister-based cryo devices have been used by physicians to treat more than 500 million skin lesions. CryoMega is a portable handheld device that provides accurate treatment for both humans and animals. It can be used for both general practice and minor surgery applications. Here are three major benefits of CryoMega over other cryotherapy solutions.

Economical Cryotherapy Solution

CryoMega has low treatment costs as a cryosurgical product. It can eliminate the medical costs involved with anesthesia, surgery, antibiotics, and sutures. It delivers a precise application of liquid nitrous oxide at a temperature of -89 degrees Celsius directly to the target site. There is no need to purchase any additional accessories or replacement cartridges. Each cryo device contains approximately 50 five-second treatments.

Safety Advantages

This revolutionary new cryotherapy treatment has a number of safety advantages. The device features simple and secure handling with an ergonomic design. You don’t have to worry about handling any dangerous cryogenic gases or liquids. There is no risk with the device of flammability, and sediment buildup is prevented by two internal filters.

Cartridges can be taken on or off with ease. Sterilizer tips help keep the device clean between uses. A safety valve makes it simple to disassemble and store conveniently in a drawer when not in use.

Easy Operation

CryoMega is easy to operate. To apply the liquid gas, you simply press a finger trigger with the device touching the targeted surface of the skin. The device should be held vertically over the lesion. Move the spray in small circles. Freezing begins immediately and is noticeable as a whitening of the tissues.

Spray freezing delivers greater flexibility when it comes to irregularly shaped lesions. It’s easy to control the spray on an animal that is frightened or anxious. With four different sized applicator tips, you can find the right one for each lesion that needs treatment.

Cryotherapy is an effective treatment solution for a variety of different health conditions. CryoMega can be a beneficial treatment option for small skin tags. At CryoConcepts, we are an industry leader when it comes to the safest and most effective cryo-based products. Contact us today to learn more about how CryoMega can benefit your clinical practice.

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