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In the United States, humans are healthy for the most part. They attempt to eat healthily, they attempt to exercise at least thirty minutes every day, and they visit their primary doctor for wellness visits. However, because human beings are simply humans, they have the potential to encounter emergencies. When individuals encounter an emergency, they can visit their nearest urgent care clinic. Not only do they treat emergencies, but they also treat common human being encounters. Lastly, there are benefits to visiting urgent care centers compared to emergency room care.

Urgent Care Clinic Or Emergency Room Care? What They Treat:

To begin, many, if not all, urgent care centers are operating seven days a week. Also, individuals who head to an urgent care clinic can expect to remain in the waiting area for thirty minutes or less. To expand on this, this is certainly a benefit you’ll enjoy. Your primary doctor is not open seven days a week, since they are closed for the weekend break. Therefore, if you need to see a medical professional during the weekend, you’ll have someone to take care of you in an urgent care clinic. You do not need to wait until the weekday, when your illness could possibly progress negatively.

The wait time is also quite the benefit. Urgent care clinics and their physicians work quickly. Therefore, you do not need to wait hours, or the entire day, to see a physician. You can get back to your daily routine quickly, after visiting an urgent care clinic. Also, with the short wait time, if you’re not feeling well, you can get back to resting quickly.

Aside from when urgent care clinics are open, and the wait time, it is important to discuss what urgent care clinics treat. Because, they do treat emergencies! Here are some of them:

Allergic Reactions: Allergic reactions have the potential to be very serious, and even deadly. While some believe emergency room care is the best, this is not always the case. For emergency room care, it tends to get very crowded. Because of this, you may have to wait a long time. With an allergic reaction this is not ideal.

Urgent care centers will treat your allergic reactions quickly and get you back to feeling like yourself in no time.

Broken Bones, Sprains, And Strains: When individuals encounter an injury, specifically broken bones, sprains, and strains, the common reaction is to head to emergency room care. This is certainly true when young children encounter any of these injuries. It is understandable because people believe emergency room care is the best bet. However, urgent care clinics handle broken bones, sprains, and strains well.

Urgent care clinic physicians have the ability and training to perform x-rays on your injury; whether that is your legs, feet, arms, or hands. In addition, they take you to get your x-rays almost immediately. Therefore, you do not have to wait a very long time to get this done, or to even receive your results.

After x-rays, an urgent care physician can provide you with a sling, casts, or crutches if need be. These physicians will most likely recommend over the counter medication for any pain, as well. Needless to say, your injuries will be treated very well at an urgent care clinic, so you can benefit from going there instead of an emergency room care.

Ouch: Animal Bites: You may not think this is a common injury or emergency, but there are individuals who suffer from animal bites. These bites could arise from encountering stray animals in a neighborhood, or encountering animals while you are out hiking, walking, or even camping- just to name a few.

Your first reaction to an animal bite may be to head to emergency room care. However, an urgent care clinic will treat an animal bite. An urgent care physician will wash the wound and apply antibiotics. This physician can also provide you with a tetanus shot if you need it. Lastly, if your injury is deep and has really cut through skin, an urgent care physician can perform stitches on your injury. He or she does this quickly, which you may not experience in an emergency room.

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