Urgent Care and Back Pain Issues

Many Americans today suffer from medical conditions that, while not life-threatening, are still serious enough to warrant medical attention. Emergency room care is not needed for these everyday maladies; rather, urgent care is best, and clinic care at a walk in clinic may be the best solution. If someone is ill or hurt, a nearby adult may look for clinic care online with a mobile device or a PC if they don’t already know where to find these walk in clinics. A simple search such as “doctors near me” or “best clinic care in San Diego CA” is a fine way to start, and the query might also include the area’s ZIP code to further refine the search. The patient may then be taken to that clinic with private transport.

Meanwhile, many more Americans suffer from back pain, especially lower back pain, which is among the most common types of chronic pain in the United States today. Serious injuries such as a slipped disc may call for surgery, but non-invasive methods may be used for conventional back pain and spinal distress instead, and to great effect.

Going to Find Clinic Care

The good news is that many thousands of these urgent care clinics can be found across the United States today, and they tend to be either small and self-contained or they may form small local networks with one another. Often, these clinics can be found in strip malls, which makes them easy to find and access for anyone who might need urgent care. What is more, some of these clinics are built into larger structures if need be, such as hospital clinics or retail clinics. A hospital clinic is not an emergency room, though; it offers distinct medical service from the hospital at large, and interested patients may visit to get urgent care and leave without dealing with doctors or an emergency room. Retail clinics, meanwhile, are found in major retailer such as Target or Wal-Mart, and they tend to have pharmacies in them. Shoppers may appreciate the convenience of stopping by that clinic’s pharmacy to get a prescription drug refill, for example.

At a clinic, a guest may expect a wait time of around 15 minutes if that clinic is running smoothly, and the staff may see about three patients per hour. Such clinic care is provided by a staff of expert nurse practitioners and physicians who will have the tools and medicine needed to treat non life-threatening medical cases. For example, a patient may visit these clinics if they are suffering from the common cold or flu or similar influenza, and get medicinal relief at that clinic. In other cases, a patient may visit if they have an upper respiratory issue, a common reason for Americans to visit these clinics. And four in five urgent care clinics can provide services for bone fractures, and nearly all of them can help with a sprained wrist or ankle, such as providing wrist braces. Lotions and ointment may be offered for rashes or sunburn, and nurses may tend to shallow cuts with stitches and bandages.

Back Issues

Many Americans suffer from lower back or spinal pain, and estimates say that around 30 million Americans at any time are going through chronic back pain. Around 50% of all working Americans admit to suffering back pain at some point or other, and experts say that around 80% of the American population will suffer back pain at some point in their lives. Often, years of hard manual labor may cause this pain, or suffering an accident such as a sports injury. Elderly Americans suffer back pain from many decades of upright walking and their spines fighting gravity, regardless of lifestyle.

Most cases of back pain can be treated with non-invasive methods such as seeing a chiropractor or even a yoga expert, and when a patient visits their doctor for back pain, they can get a referral to these experts. Chiropractors can use simple tools or even their bare hands to readjust bones and muscles to relieve pressure and pain, and yoga experts may offer private therapy sessions at their studios. Yoga will rigorously stretch and bend the body in natural ways to restore arcs of movement and relieve pain on joints and nerves.

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