How to Go Through the Detox Process Properly

Unfortunately, many in the United States suffer from drug or alcohol addiction. In fact almost ten percent of the population suffer from a drinking problem. However, as bad as the problem might seem, there are many more who want to get help by going through rehab. That being said, before the rehabilitation process can begin, especially in the case of drug addiction, the detox process must be gone through first. Detox, according to, refers to a period of acute withdrawal symptoms when the substance is slowly purged from the body. Detox can seem like a scary process but it is very beneficial if done properly.

The first thing to understand about the detox process is that it needs to be done in a safe place. It also isn’t something that should be rushed into, so any treatment involving fast detox should be avoided. There are several choices for where detox can take place. There is home detox, where one goes through detox in the safety of your home. The detox process can also be gone through at a treatment center or a hospital. But no matter where it takes place, it is essential to not go through the detox process alone. By going through detox with friends, family, or trained health professionals, the more severe detox symptoms can be safely monitored. Minor detox and withdrawal systems can include anxiety and insomnia. Depending on the substance that is being detoxed, stronger symptoms can include fever and, in the case of severe alcohol detox, delirium tremens (though this is an extreme example). No matter the symptoms, as long as there is proper monitoring in place, it is more than possible to get through these symptoms and move on with the treatment process. During this process, it is also helpful at times to have the assistance of emotional support animals. The detox process can have negative mental effects, but the presence of a support animal like a dog can also help to ease things along.

In conclusion, it is important to follow the detox process properly, as rehab can’t begin until detox is completed. It is important to go through detox with friends or family, or better still, with a team of trained medical professionals to monitor withdrawal symptoms. Detox symptoms can vary, but they are manageable if properly monitored. By following the detox process, it is possible to proceed down the road of recovery.

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