What a Therapeutic Massage Can Do

Personal health takes many different forms both inside and outside medical centers, but for some everyday issues such as lower back pain, stress, dry skin, or long fingernails, a person does not need invasive surgery or expensive drugs. Rather, consumers today have all kinds of options for a medical massage, exfoliation peels, a deep tissue massage, professional skin care and products for such a thing, and more. The health benefits of therapeutic massages are many, and many customers today eagerly visit massage parlors to get the many health benefits of therapeutic massages. A medical massage for arthritis, for example, may be desired by an elderly patient, and many massage techniques have been devised over the years. On top of that, many personal care and beauty products are out there for customers, often for the skin and finger and toenails. What are some of the health benefits of therapeutic massages today?


Massages are therapeutic in nature, and they can do a lot of good for patients who do not want invasive or drug-related relief for their symptoms. The health benefits of therapeutic massages are many, and a number of health issues such as lower back pain, joint pain, or poor circulation can be addressed with massages. Even patients who suffered from injuries while playing sports often use yoga and massages to stretch muscles, relieve pain, and help soothe the nerves and bones alike. Many Americans today get massages for relief from everyday stress, and easing stress on the body has the added benefit of clearing up the mind and relaxing one’s mental faculties as well.

The health benefits of therapeutic massages may apply to those who suffer spinal issues, previous injuries, and more. Statistics show that 54% of American who got a massage between July 2013 and July 2014 had those massages done for medical treatment, such as injury rehabilitation, soothing nerve or spinal pain, stiffness, soreness, or just general well-being. On top of that, the International Journal of Preventive Medicine conducted a study and found that massages can help serve as intervention for pre-hypertensive women. In that study, it was confirmed that blood pressure was lowered for 72 hours after the women received professional massages. Many hospitals also offer massage therapy services, and some staff members are professionals who know how to use their bare hands to soothe a patient’s various medical afflictions. A massage can make a patient feel much better, and they do not require any cutting or drugs or any other surgical procedure.

A person can open their own massage business if they have the right materials in the premises. This includes, among other things, tables and other flat surfaces where the patients may lay down, alongside heated towels and even heating stones for the customer. In addition, a therapeutic massage site will have all the right lotions, oils, and creams for the massage work, and this includes any hypoallergenic materials or other specialized oils or lotions for special needs customers. For ambiance, soothing music and candles can also be used. Other times, customers interested in massages may find commercial products that use pressure and vibrations to have the same effect, such as chairs for the back, or devices for the calves or the neck.

Other Personal Care

Many millions of customers around the world are also looking for personal care of other types, such as for the finger and toenails and the skin. Some conditions such as dryness, acne, and more happen to a consumer, so they will be on the lookout for the right products. Facial kits, lotions, acne solutions, and more all sell well around the world. After all, many people experience acne, especially during adolescence. Around 85% of all people will experience acne at some point in their lives, and it starts in adolescence and may continue into the persons 20s, 30s, 40s, or in some cases even their 50s. And by the mid-teens, around 40% of people have experienced acne and may even have scars from it. Many tens of millions of skin care products sell around the world every year both online and in person, and they can help prevent or clear up acne, improve the skin’s appearance, and moisturize the skin, among other results.

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