How Fertility Clinics Help You Conceive

If it is you dream to have a baby but you struggle with infertility, there is hope for you. It might feel like you may never have the baby you wish for, but with help of a local fertility clinic you can achieve your parenting dream. They offer infertility procedures that can help your body to reproduce successfully so you can create the family you want.

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is an option for couples attempting to have a child. It can be costly, but there are IVF financing programs available for couples who can’t afford it. to learn more about IVF and how it works, continue reading.

What is IVF?

In vitro fertilization is the process of combining extracted eggs and a sperm sample in a lab, and then transferring the embryo to the uterus. It is an option when issues like blocked fallopian tubes, decreased sperm count, and some genetic disorders arise. Essentially it can override problems with eggs being dispersed properly or sperm not reaching the eggs.

How Does IVF Work?

IVF is a five step process. It starts with the potential mother taking fertility medications that will help create eggs. The more eggs a woman produces the more likely it is that one of them will be able to become fertilized. A transvaginal ultrasound and blood tests will take place as well to make sure that hormone levels are where they should be and to check on the condition of the ovaries.

The next step is a minor surgical procedure where eggs are extracted. A hollow needle is guided through the pelvic cavity to retrieve the egg.

The third step involves the potential father producing a sperm sample to be combined with the eggs.

Step four is called insemination, which is a word you’ve probably heard before. This is the mixing of the sperm and eggs in a laboratory to create the embryo. The process is monitored to ensure that fertilization takes place.

The final step is for the eggs to be transferred to the uterus using a catheter. A successful procedure will be followed by implantation within six to ten days after the retrieval of the eggs. This is a painless process, although some cramping may occur in the days that follow.

Assistance Paying for IVF

There are payment plans available for this procedure, as well the option of getting a loan. If you cannot afford the process in a single payment, don’t be discouraged. Speak with a clinic about your payment options before you decide that IVF isn’t a good choice for you.

Is IVF Right For You?

Because infertility can be caused by a number of problems, IVF may not be for everyone. With proper testing the cause of the infertility can be found and your options can be discussed. IVF requires the ability to produce fertile eggs and for the male to produce fertile sperm. Sometimes couples will choose to use a sperm or egg donor if one of these necessities are not possible for them. Consult a fertility doctor today and find out if IVF could help you conceive the baby you dream of.

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