Experience Convenient Access to Medical Care With a Local Walk-in Clinic


Urgent care medicine continues to be a growing specialty and a popular choice for busy Americans. The Urgent Care Association, for example, estimates that three million people visit urgent care facilities every week. Walk-in clinics are a convenient choice for many reasons. In addition to being able to receive medical assistance without an appointment, 85% of these clinics are open each day of the week.

Physicians and mid-level providers, such as physician’s assistants, are able to evaluate and treat a variety of medical issues and injuries. On an annual basis, for example, people in the United States suffer with about a billion colds. While the average person may fully recover within ten days, others may have symptoms that only last two days. In some cases, however, symptoms may last as much as two weeks. Rather than suffer with cold symptoms, particularly if they last for over ten days, it makes sense to visit an urgent care clinic.

While many people don’t come down with the flu every year, an average of five to 20% of Americans do. When someone is suffering with flu symptoms, an urgent care physician will be able to recommend a variety of treatment options. Since some flus and upper-respiratory issues respond to antibiotics, a physician may prescribe a regimen of these along with other types of treatments.

Patients can receive preventative care at walk-in clinics as well. In addition to receiving flu shots and other types of vaccinations, they can also receive wellness check-ups. Urgent care facilities are also able provide blood tests and other types of lab work and screenings.

Given the fact that so many people in the United States have busy work schedules and other daily obligations, having convenient access to quality medical care can make a significant difference in their overall health. Since someone can walk into a facility without needing to make an appointment, this can assist them with receiving the treatment that they need. Furthermore, when an individual’s schedule or medical situation does allow time for scheduling an appointment, they have the option of doing so online.

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